Monria Donation Center

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Monria Donation Center
For the Ava from the Ava

What is the Monria Donation Center?
  • The Monria Donation Center is one dedicated location where anyone can donate any item(s) they wish for others.
Where is the Monria Donation Center located?
  • The donation center is located on the 9th floor of Cthulhu Tower upstairs in Shop #4.
What do items cost through the Monria Donation Center?
  • No matter the item, quantity of item(s), or the MU...everything sells for 1 PED above it's TT value.
  • Tax is added to each item.
What about stackable items?
  • Some stackable items will only be placed in quantities of 1,000. Other quantities will be placed as donated or by the discretion of the Monria Donation Center.
Why should I donate to the Monria Donation Center?
  • Simply put, you don't have too. Donating is strictly on a voluntary basis and is intended to be a goodwill stop and shop.
Where do the proceeds of my donation(s) go?
  • 75% of the proceeds from every donation will always be applied as event prizes hosted by Mass E8ty2nd Tac.
  • 25% of the proceeds are applied to the upkeep, management, coordination and space allocation of the Monria Donation Center and future events.
Who do I donate items too?
  • Anyone may donate any item directly to E8ty2nd in game.
What items may be donated?
  • Any item that can be traded and sold can be donated to the Monria Donation Center.

Donations provided by

Many thanks go out to these great supporters of the Monria Donation Center
1. Roj
2. E8ty2nd
3. @Dark Moon Enigma
4. @Mora
5. @PrincessZarnia
6. @StarDrifter
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A Huge thanx to Roj from Knights of Entropia for donating some great items as well as providing the 1st donations.

Thank you Roj!

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Mora from Virtual Legends has donated a few armor pieces...Thank you for the support Mora!
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well done 82 thats a brilliant idea


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Wonderful Initiative 82nd :)

I've a couple things to pass on when I see you in game next.

BTW Mora is Virtual Legends - Third Circle is his rank ;)

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Another great donation to the Monria Donation Center provided by PrincessZarina.

PrincessZarina Donated some very nice items and items which are going to be TT food. 100% of the TT value is being applied to the PED prize pool...

Huge thanx to PrincessZarina!
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