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Over the course of the past almost two years, we have noticed increased anomalies in space, and especially a portal breach above the rock formation in the DSEC crater. We collected enough evidence to warrant deeper consideration for creating an entity that could monitor these occurrences and report specific details that would allow Monria to develop not only a more secure defense system, but also safer space travel.

Effective immediately, the DSEC Quantum Space Institute is operational and personnel have been put in place to manage all activities. Anny Thundergirl will manage all operations and report to Monria Management anything that may have the potential to threaten the Moon.

Anny is quite versed in all things Cthulhu, and can even channel messages sent directly from the deep that may have an effect on Monrian activities. Her knowledge of space travel will also be incredibly helpful. Reporting should be more than sufficient to give us the means to not only understand what we face from the vastness of the deep, and space, but also give us opportunity to be more prepared for challenges.

While these efforts are in good hands, if anyone experiences something out of the ordinary with space or space travel, please do let us know so that it can be researched.

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October 24, 3014 ... Monria Management

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