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I changed the name of this category to --> Monria Missions | Mob Information <-- because I will be adding other data that pertains to mobs. I created separate sections for this content.

I added the Monria Beginner Missions ... there are 11 in all and each of the missions has its own thread that is numbered and titled. I have included graphics and extra instructions on how to do them because of few of them are a bit tricky. This is particularly help to new Monrian Born as well as new and returning visitors.

I also added the Monria Iron Missions for each of our mobs that includes history, general information, mob locations, loot and drop rates, damage types, suggested armor, mob names / levels / HP, and mission rewards for each stage of the Iron Missions.

I included a Dmg Types | Recommended Armor | Discussion entry so that we can continue our testing and updating of damage types for all mobs, as well as recommended armor and plates that work well.

I also included an Other Helpful Mob Information entry with addition data that will be very useful.

If you should loot something from one of the mobs and you don't see it listed in their respective mission thread, please do a post in the respective mob mission thread with the item you looted so the list can be updated.

As I wrap my brain around other things that might be helpful or useful to have in any one of the above sections in this category, I will add it. In the meantime, if you know of something that would help you navigate Monria more efficiently when it comes to our mobs and missions, please let me know in this thread.

This additional data for this category and its sections will be updated as soon as possible.
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