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I like the idea because it's similar to that of Adviser jackets on other planets. We have an amazing community of members who are very helpful to not only our Monrian Born, but new visitors who decide to check out what Monria is like. The MVST and MCAT teams are comprised of many of the same people who help on field trips and during our big events, but also assist with daily needs of those who require help.

What I especially like about this idea is that it would identify these individuals straight away for our Monrian Born. They don't know who's who or what's what when they first arrive and don't know about the Monria chat channel. I can't be in the game 24/7 and catch all of them so that they don't slip away, but many of you have been vigilant in noticing a new MB and have been beneficial in helping them navigate their way until I can meet up with them to pass on the starter kit.

I am in the process of working on some projects that will be more beneficial for beginner experiences, but also a means for those of you who reach out to our new MBs to have a more comprehensive system of resources to direct them to that will help get them sorted and set up for their first experiences on Monria before I can jump in to also guide them.

Our new Monrian Born need immediate guidance when they arrive, and if they can identify at least one person they can approach, that's a start. We've had too many who almost immediately want to go to Calypso because they either get frustrated that they don't know a path to follow, or get stuck with the beginner missions that I am in the process of revising so that a few aren't so misleading or confusing.

Shadow and Malgar as the Co-Managers of our Monria Community Assistance Team (MCAT) are doing a great job of spending a decent amount of their time at DSEC Forensics in an effort to catch our MBs, and they can attest to the fact that too many start talking about going to Calypso. The only reason they know about Calypso (I'm assuming) is because of their initial beginner training at Thule which is a totally different environment and experience before arriving at Monria.

I think if we had some sort of clothing that identified a Monria Support Team member, we would be more efficient in capturing our new Monrian Borns. Visiting players are already pretty savvy in knowing their way around the game and that the Monria chat channel exists.

I keep stats in our private staff forum of how many starter kits I give out, as well as how much sweat I buy from our Monrian Born. For being a Moon and not a planet, we have a decent number of MBs who join us each month. It's been up to 41 in one month so far, but I fear that we are missing way too many.

Of course, this would all hinge on variables that Ant would be more familiar with, as well as if this were something that would be doable. If we were a planet, it would be easier. We'll have to see if he weighs in on this. He's been incredibly busy over the past few months and not so available, so I'm doing my best to stay connected to the community as much as possible. I am also in the midst of trying to arrange my schedule to have more in-game time to sort some things out. The majority of the time I am in the game, I'm in work mode, but no complaints here, just wish there was more time.

I didn't expect for this to be so long-winded, but I've had a lot on my mind lately about how I can work with you guys to help make things more efficient and elevate our effectiveness as a community. I am grateful and most appreciative when you reach out not only to help, but also for your many contributions that you so generously grace us with not only in time and effort, but items that have been donated to our Monrian Born.

One last word ... if we were able to get an identifying Monria Support Team piece of clothing, then who gets that piece of clothing will be based on a pre-determined criteria that will be decided at the time this is approved/implemented.

Thanks for being such a wonderful and caring community, it helps me a lot with my efforts to help you. :purpleheart


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I fully agree to it all. Would be an awesome idea to have something like that in place to show members of MCAT and MVST, which most of us are in both.

We have noticed that a lot of new borns are in a rush to leave and once the guide is in place that will make things go much smoother. We try our best to catch as many as we can and pass them on to you. But sometimes we just can't...

We work good as a comMOONity and that wouldn't be possible without you, DME and the support that you give us AND the support that we give each other! You can feel the love on Monria!!!

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