Navigating DSEC-9 to Reach Mountain of Madness


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Navigating DSEC - 9

  • Go to any teleporter on Monria.
  • Use the drop-down menu and change Monria to DSEC - 9.
  • Then select DSEC - 9 teleporter.
  • Remember to bring your sweating tool, you will need it for the Mountain of Madness beginners mission chain.
  • You will only use it briefly, but doing the Welcome to the Dark Side of this mission chain opens up another mission.
How to Teleport to DSEC - 9.png

DSEC - 9 Missions:
Elara Terminus TP.png

Elara Terminus - [DSEC - 9 , 35957, 20010, 105, Waypoint]

Then you will head west (following the wall) to get to the tele-pod that will take you into Elara.
  • Go into the tele-pod and interact with the panel inside to teleport you into Elara.

Tele-pod to Elara.png

Tele-pod to Elara - [DSEC - 9 , 35140, 20357, 104, Waypoint]

Once in Elara, the Lotus Teleporter is in the center of the map - ground floor in the center of the Lotus Temple.
Lotus Teleporter.png

Lotus Teleporter - [DSEC - 9 , 34844, 22139, 99, Waypoint]

Then you will head North East to get to the next Teleportation Device that will take you into the Mountain of Madness.

Teleportation Device to Mountain of Madness.png

Teleportation Device to Mountain of Madness - [DSEC - 9 , 36428, 23447, 99, Waypoint]

Once at Mountain of Madness. You can speak to The Stranger in the woods to start missions.
  • this is the new player beginners mission chain (Welcome to the Dark Side), but everyone can do it
  • the Clear the Path stage is a daily repeatable with 2 PED worth of Universal Ammo as a reward
  • completing Welcome to the Dark Side unlocks 4 repeatable hunting texture BP quests
  • Mountain of Madness Missions

The Stanger in the woods - [DSEC - 9 , 36754, 23522, 104, Waypoint]

When you get to Larches Green you will find a teleporter there.
Larches Green.png

Larches Green - [DSEC - 9 , 38123, 23647, 100, Waypoint]

Mountain of Madness

Inside the Mountain, you cannot use teleport chips or vehicles. You will have to run to get the teleporters.

The Mountain of Madness.png

The Mountain of Madness TP - [DSEC - 9 , 38946, 21528, 347, Waypoint]
Shogghols Nest.png

Shogghols Nest TP - [DSEC - 9 , 38336, 20971, 130, Waypoint]
Niolir’s Burrow.png

Niolir's Burrow TP - [DSEC - 9 , 39519, 20442, 130, Waypoint]
Ghreldelb Lair.png

Ghreldelb Lair TP - [DSEC - 9 , 38634, 20078, 312, Waypoint]
Tegunestene Chamber.png

Tegunestene Chamber TP - [DSEC - 9 , 38320, 19605, 131, Waypoint]
The Pyramid of Shut'thend v2.png

The Pyramid of Shut'thend TP [DSEC - 9 , 38833, 19118, 130, Waypoint]
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Thank you VERY much for doing this Shadow, I know it will come in handy for a lot of people, including our new Monrian Born so they have somewhere immediate to go to do a new player experience mission chain as you mentioned.

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