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Socrates just posted the following at the Next Island forum ...
Greetings Entropians,

It is with a heavy heart we regret to inform our community that David Post, the founder and visionary of Next Island, has passed away. As his friends and family celebrate his legacy, we hope all of those who have enjoyed participating in his vision being brought to life will do the same.

David was a kind man, with a fun vision for Next Island and a playful sense of humor. The origins of Next Islands lore are rooted in a childhood dream of his that he always wanted to see come to life, and fortunately for everyone, his story has been immortalized on Next Island.

One of David’s commonly spoken fond memories was Coney Island amusement park near where he grew up. So in his honor, and with his family’s blessing, Next Island will be developing an annual celebration with lighthearted games and activities.

For now, please feel free to visit the statue of Vice Admiral Post at Paradise Landing on Next Island to pay your respects to the man who made this all possible, and whose legacy will continue to live on for many years to come.

The Next Island Development Team
I am incredibly saddened by this news. I got a glimpse into his vision for Next Island when I did an exclusive interview with him in the first issue of the EntropiaTimes Sep 2010 magazine (starting on page 38), but also into the business path that led him to take on this virtual endeavor. There's also an interview with the then Marketing Team with Erik Reynolds and Katlean de Monchy, David's wife. David had cultivated his vision for Next Island a long time, and he was excited to see it come to life ...

" I worked on the Elysium storyline for six years, so it is close to my heart. “ ... David Post

My heartfelt condolences go out to Katlean and the Post family and friends ... his memory will always be alive within our universe, and especially on Next Island. 💜
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