Ok..Question for the veteran players..Is loot better on a team or solo hunt?

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I had this explained to me by my mentor (who is non Monrian) and by others in game. All have said that its better to hunt in teams because the loot is better. I have read in the past on one of the forums that it is gives a better chance to get a globals and hofs if you are part of team hunt as well. Can someone who has been hunting a long term with long term hunting experience confirm this as truth. Thanks for your imput.

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In general, you have a greater chance to get a global/better loot in a team for the sole reason that you are killing things faster...more mobs = more chances at loot. Also, oftentimes the loot does seem better because as team you can also kill higher level mobs that none of you could kill solo....but I think 'hunt in teams because the loot is better' is bit of an oversimplification.


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Globals are 50 ped and above. In a team you can kill bigger stuff as a group, so the chances of getting a global are better. A mob that takes you 2 ped to kill is not going to global very often, a mob that cost you 30 ped to kill has a much better chance of globaling. Even with that, the loot you do get, still has to be split against the team so it's not like you are getting a ton more really.

On thinking on it a bit, you may do better also because if there are more than one of you there absorbing the beating, it could mean less healing needed, ie ped spent, and less regen on the mob which will keep the cost of killing it down. Some mobs can regen pretty fast so the quicker you can dispatch it, the cheaper it is.

Don't forget the camaraderie and fun aspect of it as well, yah some ped is nice but a night of laughing with friends and telling jokes, razzing each other and having some quality just plain ole fun, can be worth way more than a global.



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Hunting in team is :
a) Fun
b) Cheap (armor decay split by the group/healing cost/regen threshold/travel in the gungnir)
c) Turnover of more peds means higher chance of getting swirlies
d) Turnover of more damage per second means being able to kill big stuff economically
e) As a follower of the god perceptius it can be very profitable

My society is in the top 10 of hunting societies, but skillwise or turnover wise we are mere maggots. We do not grind, we simply get the loot.

Hunting Scoreboard
# Soc Name Members Globals Total Loot Score
1 WhySoSerious 20 4 753 890 545 PED 23 765
2 Dark Templar 9 1 177 208 874 PED 13 078
3 Dark Knights 7 656 116 879 PED 9 371
4 Rangers 10 902 137 346 PED 9 020
5 Deagleteam 8 648 157 878 PED 8 100
6 Entropy 21 1 484 177 351 PED 7 067
7 Guess Who 31 2 182 231 042 PED 7 039
8 Apocalyptic 15 762 107 680 PED 5 080
9 The Ministry 10 499 62 679 PED 4 990
10 WOF France 8 395 45 762 PED 4 938

this is an example of a short hunt from yesterday in a team of 4:

The Ministry:

Proteron Young 631 PED Fri, 07 Oct 2016 00:03:47
Feffox Young 143 PED Thu, 06 Oct 2016 23:15:40
Phasm Young 540 PED Thu, 06 Oct 2016 22:58:56

Ofcourse it doesnt Always go well.. But then you all loose together, and this is comforting.

You can be successfull in teamhunting if you stick to these rules:

1 "Switcharoo" if you global/hof (unless you know a second spot where loot is)
2 If loot feels bad then "5 more mobs and GTFO"
3 hotspots do exist and you have tracked them (you are going for a certain mob at a certain place/time)
4 Make sure everybody in team is valued equally. Similar setups help, even downgrading to meet a lower skilled member
5 divide items equally
6 wait for eachother when a teammember dies and needs to get back to the action.
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