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I didn't find any information about the possibility of selling mined ores and enmatters. Is there someone who's bying them on Monria like they used to on FOMA or what miners usually do here with their resources ? It don't mind me to sell it on caly but if there is a way to do it on Monria I want to know about it.



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Hi Kalixt, and welcome to Monria ... we used to have a couple of people who bought mining materials, but both of them are not involved at this time. One person sold his shop, and the other has had major computer issues for quite some time and has not been in the game.

I think most of the shops that sell ore and enmatter usually do the mining themselves, so unless someone within the community would like to step up and begin a service on Monria, the only other suggestion I would have is to perhaps approach some of the more active shop owners like @Noz, @Legends, @FilthyMcNasty and others who are also crafters and can use certain mining materials. Maybe they might want to engage in an ongoing buying deal with you. I would send them a friend request in the game and PM them, or perhaps they might respond to this thread.

You can also view our Monria Directory to see who owns a shop, but not all are as involved with the community as some.

Let us know if you've made any connections, and then we can go from there. :)


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I mainly buy Quantium Blausarium. If I can get more L30 bps I'll be buying a lot more Zoldenite and Maladrite too.
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