Other uses for neon essence


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i think we def need another use for neon essence. Crafting neon signs has a very niche market, only of use to shop and apt owners.
we need something we can craft that all players can use.
some suggestions
-craftable glow sticks (equippable like fireworks and held to dance with or run naked in the dark. dont judge me.)
-neon gunlights. ive see the bright lights equippable on guns. something like that would be cool in colored light!
-add a master colorer npc to color baraka armor using neon to change baraka color to one of the other choices. i wouldnt... i like the red myself.

but yea just some ideas...items that all players can craft, buy, sell, and use. not just estate owners.


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ya for that droprate its way to limited in use, Toulan needs a ton more BP´s and preferable for stuff that actually needs replaced, Im sure the team is working on it all thou :)
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