Overview of Toulan activities, and a quick thought why i sometimes fly away.


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Heyo ! c:

I wanna thank whole Virtual Sense for a great beginning in Entropia Universe, when i installed game it unfortunately threw me to calypso but after seeing what you are doing here, and with help of officials i deleted old account and created new as Toulan born - and i didnt regret for even 1s! :3

Quick overview what i appreciate on Toulan the most; Mokhat and dahhar juveniles drop awesome newbie loot. Tabtab daily is awesome taming daily plus those little hamsters make my evade greater everyday. Hourly missions for anatomy reward esspecially, are awesome. Tree cutting is easy and butt joint bp help me drop furnitures onevery planets, also skills from cutting are very nice. We really got evade from bahris! and dodge from khaffash!. Instances like cards and cuhofs are great for loot/skills/items. DSEC waheshes are aweome for that one great daily on Toulan ;3 I got 2 long term huge items (Toulan crown + Monria horns). 2.5ped ammo daily is hard but nontheless great for farming skills and earning some ammo. Nadira daily ofc we all remember how hard it was to drop jellys, but it was worth it! :p Also special thanks for Kinkie that provide buying services for us <3 and DME for being patient with me ;D

Even with all that i SOMETIMES leave planet, usually its just to see some new grounds, but there are few things that i value on different planets and after flying back and forward like 50 times i realised, maybe its good idea to share what i like on those diff planets.
I value a lot, medium skilled missions that give as reward some hard to obtain skills: Make texture daily on Ni, also Coloring skills daily on Ni. And im wondering, if Toulan got the best beginner missions, and probably best long term missions (crown and horns from monria) maybe there is also a way to implement some mid lvl stuff with make textille or coloring rewards. I constantly see group of people doing it on Ni and putting even 3k lyst to storage to purge it all for that one daily.
It doesn't need to be easy to unlock that daily, it can be very tangled and hard, but it definitely would help many people to stay on Toulan on their mid lvls.
From smaller things i realized many players like doing repeatable missions that give OIL as reward, and interesting pets that require lvling up on their planet is also what makes people stay longer on a particular planet. But that's smaller stuff.

Hard to obtain skills are like magnets to people. Make textille or coloring, would be great as daily (it can be very hard to unlock to keep it balanced). If not those particular skills, maybe some other that are valued on market. Early goals are near perfection here, same long term goals. Mid lvl mission exist but such improvement would be great. I bet many people would put all the Ore they got, to make those skills on Toulan :3

Byee and have a great evening ! :)


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Nice post Lea, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. We are always open to feedback and suggestions, and especially when community members give their reasons why something might work well on Toulan, or even Monria and DSEC-9.

It's always nice to see you so active in the game and especially in Toulan chat. :thumbsup
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