Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.1.1

Toulan Genie

Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.1.1

March 10 2020

Changes :


. Toulan Fauna & Flora Center

The Lab buildings have been better arranged & optimized and now have a total of 16 Creatures.

There are two Labs available, Lab1 & Lab3 with 2 floors each.

Each Lab has 8 Mob Rooms (4 on each floor).


For Solo access, please speak with the NPC Agent of that Mob
For Team access, please use the portals for each Mob

Nawa Energy Core, act as keys to access the Mob instance, the higher the difficulty (maturity level) the more Nawa Energy Cores are required.

lab 1.jpg


Fixes :

. Fixed mission "Nahar Outfit Stage 3" , no longer an error appears.

. Fixed mission "Say Cheese", the camera devices are now easier to locate.

. All (Nawacore Parts) are now tradable.

. Fauna & Flora Center Island now appears correctly on Map.

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