Please add a blueprint book for limited BP's

sandy draad

New Member
my storage is starting to fill up with all the (L) texture BP's
it would be very helpful if there was a book for all those (L) BP's

also drop rate on the (L) texture BP's seems extreem low , roughly 35 (L) texture BP's in 30K clicks

at that rate no-one will ever see your textures because you need to 1st loose roughly 100 peds
on crafting even the cheapest texture to get maybe 4-5 (L) texture BP's

at that rate the textures will need to have such a high mark-up that no-one will want to buy them

i hope this suggestion is of any use
thx in advance


Beladcom Official
We are looking into the blueprint book to resolve this issue.

Your feedback on texture BPs is valuable to us, will look into it.

Thanks Spirit Chaser.

Neil Stockton

New Member
I'd recommend making the BPs UL... nobody on any planet likes L texture bps. If it's supposed to be a really rare texture that's fine but normal textures should come from UL bps.
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