Plushie vs Horn

Hi, I hope, so this is my last suggestions.
Lot of friends said me, so have no for what visit Monria (I am sorry for this sentence). And the other, if the Horn had border, for example, i dont know 30k, 50k, 100k of each kind of mob is better as never know when any of the tons of mob give the chapter.
May be be better changed plushie for chapter, I dont know.
So much I love the moon with his community, craters and caves and mobs, my primary time finished there (nvmd how offen I will returned), as lot of ppl which start there.
Best regard

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Hey Elzarek, thanks for the suggestion.

I'd like to explain to everyone the background to the four chapters mission and why it is the way it is.

Originally when I purchased Monria there was a four chapters mission with the same format as it is today, a loot mission that was really difficult to complete and the reward was a DSEC harness, (basically the same as scout harness, tt fodder). I was determined to improve on this as I felt the reward wasn't good enough for the effort. There was really only a few choices, make it much easier and keep the reward, try to get the best possible reward for the mission that I could or remove the mission.

It took a couple of years but I attempted to get the best reward that I could because I felt it was the fairest option and we made sure that those that had gone through the effort of completing the previous mission received the new reward. This is something that I was quite open about while people were waiting patiently. I wanted to get a better reward rather than change the mission format/difficulty and have a lesser or same reward. So really I did the best I could and it could easily have been a lot worse, there was a lot of time, money and effort that went into getting what we have today :)

A couple of other points to perhaps clarify how these things work:
  • Mindark controls all aspects of balancing and loot. This is something that is not in my control at all and the mechanics are never shared with me. MA rightly decides how to balance loot, rewards and anything that is part of EU's secret sauce. I give my input, design plans, write missions, suggestions and feedback but anything to do with balancing is not something I have influence or control of. Mindark decides how best to implement my content plans.
  • Personally I don't think it is fair to adjust things that have been previously implemented unless there is a very good reason. Those that have managed to complete the 4 chapters mission may feel it is unfair for people to receive the same reward with less effort if we were to adjust it.
Genuinely I feel I got the best deal that we could for this mission but I do understand that some of us may not feel it is worth the effort. This is a choice we make all the time in EU and the best I can do is to try to provide as many game play options as possible so we have these choices on Monria.

Thanks again for the feedback Elzarek, I want to be honest though and I don't believe this mission will change unless MA decides that it should.

The explanation is very good, but something strange happens: the first two weeks the chapters had to fall very easily, since several horns came out ... (Entropia Life does not lie) even a friend of mine took out the 4 chapters in a weekend, and I got chapter 1 myself on the second day ... from there, the drop rate is HORRIBLE ...

What happened? fault of MA? Perhaps when something is introduced to some planet, an initial period of high rate is granted and then adjusted to less? I want the horns, but I am losing a fortune trying ... and I have only one chapter from the second day of implementation ...


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Hey Dante,
Just to clarify - a lot of those early horns were from people who had already completed the original mission, and got presented with the horns on release - myself being one of them. Others I know of had previously looted the chapters, but not handed them in, as the reward at the time just wasn't worth it. These were then handed in when the reward was changed.


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Horns are great reward and therefore needs some real hard work (or huge luck) to get :) That is what I tell to my self to reduce the pain :D
650/10k (second repeatable) on Shubs ATM with no chapter so far. Not giving up, but also not killing them full time now anymore.
One day it will come, or it won't, 50/50 :D :D
TC and GL to be more lucky than me :)

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Good afternoon, can you please tell me if I can cancel the "The Order of the Elder Gods" mission and take it again. Since I received 3 parts, and once I merged one by mistake into a TT, and for the second month I can't get it)
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