Protect the coop // Begginer mission.

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Just a little suggestion here, not really a real bug.

Hunt the coop, where my dear friend Jabaly (who is jealous of Khalil by the way, since Khalil has a door) Wants us to hunt 8 Qaffaz and 12 Dahhar.
At the end of the slaughter mission, there is no "tick" to say "Return to Dear Jabaly".
So my disciple, and i can understand non-english speakers, may not understand right away why the quest dont update.

We then went to Jabaly and mission updated and completed.

Plus the waypoint of the hunting grounds seemed not to move away, so two little confusing thingies.

On a side note, the quest before, the birds nest were invisible.
A relog fixed it, and not sure it can be fixed, but heres a note to self :)

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Where can I find Jabaly?
This will help you find navigate Toulan and find things ... I tried to get this to you in the game buy you logged out already.

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