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I just wanted to remind everyone that this section is a cool way to learn a lot more about all 3 of our locations, and many of your questions can be answered.

With each quarterly magazine, I expand upon the VU release notes with extra info and graphics to give a more comprehensive overview of what we are doing with development. There are also special articles on in-game activities and player profiles among other things.

Before we became the Virtualsense Team, we were the Monria Team, and we put a lot of effort into developing our own official storyline to give some depth and understanding to what Monria is all about. Pinthas and I wrote 5 books with official Monria lore before we added Toulan to our virtual family. There were also quarterly magazines for Monria before we transitioned to the Virtualsense Quarterly magazines, so there's a wealth of info there too.

Now that we have Monria, Toulan and DSEC-9, we are blending the official storyline to show how all 3 locations are connected in some way or another. Ant write's the storyline lead-in with each of the VU Release Notes, and I continue adding more with the lead-in stories in the event threads for Monria and Toulan. I've said before, I am cryptic (mostly) when I write them, and if you pay enough attention, you might figure some things out. We will continue to do this as we evolve.

There is also other media that might interest you in the Videos, Press Releases and Articles section, such as the first press release when Ant bought Monria, or when we first announced our Monria official Storyline with a press release.

One of the things I would like to revisit at some time, is write another Monria lore book to continue that legacy that would include DSEC-9 ... (I think Cthulhu is getting lost in the shuffle), but also write one for Toulan as well to include historical data, and also what has transpired from the point where we took over. Since Eleni is our official Toulan Historian, I will be consulting her for sure.

I am also working with Ant on a special writing project that will be released in the future that will add to our marketing efforts. I will also continue to work with Shadow on other media projects as time permits, but she is my media partner during every magazine production and we spend a lot of time with each quarterly. I have been exploring new software that gives me more flexibility, and as this effort evolves there will be more videos and media projects.

I am also in the process of collecting articles and player profiles that I did back in the day and will add them to the Entropia Universe Archives section.

If you are so inclined, take some time to explore what's out there, you might find some of it interesting and enlightening.
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