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Eleni Von Estlla

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Dear team,

I would like to make another very serious suggestion that would very likely benefit absolutely everybody, no exception.
Given the amount of time and passengers being handled onboard of the Yamato, i would like to suggest a tool that would really help organise our schedule much more efficiently.

I could really do with a Tchoo Tchoo steam whistle in the pilot seat.

It actually is a thing, and i really want one..

Needless to say that every passengers are very used to it, and recognize how efficient (And Safe!) that is.


Thank you very mutchoo!


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I see you took the dare to post this here, LOL ... I love it, it's crazy and fun and over the top and that's just you ... but we both know that space and warp ships is MA's domain, so I don't think this request will see the light of day, unless Ant comes up with some sort of weird miracle that generates the Tchoo Tchoo sound while you're piloting the Yamato, LOL ... crazier things have happened though. :p
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