Repair run Polls.

What day of the week is best for everyone?

  • Monday

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  • Tuesday

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  • Wednesday

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  • Thursday

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  • Friday

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  • Saturday

    Votes: 2 40.0%
  • Sunday

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Derik LaPierre

Well-Known Member
Yamato Pilot
Hi everyone. We have been trying to organize Yamato Repair runs to help the community get thier VSE skills up, but the last few runs had no one showing up. I suspect that the days and times scheduled were not what was best for the community. Therfore I am requesting that all people who are interested in rep runs please give us your feedback as to what day, and then what time would be best for the repair runs to start.

Eleni Von Estlla

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Volunteer Mentor
Yamato Pilot
VCAT Team Member
If i may, I had been thinking of, and actually, has been asked today in #Toulan, if the repair runs could start from Toulan.
I know that its a bit complicated now, to juggle between two planets, but thought that would be worth mentioning.

Im not sure of the daily activity on Monria, and unsure how many players from toulan are signed up for the Yamato, but thats something that crossed my mind, and again, has been asked today by players.

Also i know that warps are costy, and that picking people up / dropping off from and to Monria/Toulan may be out of the question; But since this poll has been created, and if a solid day gets set up, with enough people coming, that may be something to consider?

Ill let Monria Fleet Manager think of this, and i casted my vote. :)
Saturdays since nothing could go wrong, and Fridays/Sundays are good for warps (and exhausting for the staff).

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