Repair Skilling Program // Monria and Toulan

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Hello everyone,

We are now about ready for this program to restart, but before diving into the subject, here's a word from our crew.


This will be a trial on both our side, and to test the community response with it. We are mindful that we are closing in on the holidays, and all the end-of-the-year festivities, but we do want to bring this project to life as soon as possible.

The major change here, compared to what was done in the past, is to keep a regular schedule for repairs, opposite to random runs we had in the past. If we get a positive wave of activity on set time frames, we may expand with spontaneous runs. Also, if this goes well, we may recruit new pilots and expand the activity to space hunting events.

Our goal is to offer an additional opportunity for both the Monria and Toulan community to access and heavily skill crafting professions, on a lesser budget.

Whether you are a veteran or new player, you are welcome on board to contribute and skill. This program is open to all, and hopefully will bring a nice addition to what is already available on both Monria and Toulan.

There will be possibilities to grow with the crew if you participate regularly, and may be offered new roles that may one day lead to becoming a Captain yourself. :)

Efforts put into the program from everyone will not go unnoticed. So we hope to see a lot of positive participation within this new program.

Our primary goal is for this not to happen again....

PRINT SCREEN 2021-09-18 17-50-49.jpg

Picture by Killerdawg ... Said to be his last.

Responsibilities Onboard :
This is only a general call for common sense.

As a repairer, you will:
  • Only answer to your Captain on board who will welcome and guide you during the repair run, or MFM.
  • Be polite and respectful toward the rest of the crew.
  • We will try to carry spare RK-0s and Welding Wire on board, but please do your best to be geared up for a run.
  • We will avoid interacting with the Space_Travel chat channel, with regard to engaging with pirates or other ships in operations.
  • You will communicate with the rest of the crew in #Force Channel
  • Know the repairing stations on board. If you do not know them, the Captain will give you a tour around the ship before the run.
  • Stations are called HH for Hangar, PP for Propulsion, CC for Command Center, RR for Reactor.
  • You will be responsible to get on and off the ship by your own mean : TP to/from Monria, or flying from/to Toulan ~ There will be no summon.
  • You will not be allowed to log off on board in an attempt to get a free ride to Monria or Toulan. This will be monitored, and this is the only warning.
  • Be mindful of people running skill pills so the run is the least disruptive.
  • Anticipate and announce in Force when moving stations, E.G. "CC > HH" means Command Center to Hangar.
  • If you have a problem with someone on board, please save it for later, Yamato is not the place to air personal issues.
Procedure :

The way we operate the ship is built around efficiency, for both pilots and repairers. We target the run to keep skills gains going for everyone.

Thus, our Pilots are trained to get constant damage incoming on the ship, so repairers can keep skilling. This always needs a bit of adjustment depending on how many repairers we get, but as experience builds up, we should get near perfect runs.

Your role is to anticipate when to run to another station.
The ship needs to keep its damage evenly spread on each station.
If one station reaches zero HP, we then explode and will lose some time.
So please pay attention to the HP bars of the ship and follow your Captain's orders.
You can also anticipate a need and let your Captain know in #Force.

Please look at Morrath tool to search what shop is available to supply repairing gear, on both Monria and Toulan.
Entropia Hub

Other than that, you be good to skill up :)

Entropia 2021-09-19 01.05.36.png

Planning :

We are going to work on a fixed Schedule.
The times shown are weekly, and will repeat every week.
However, missed runs may happen due to real life events, especially during the holidays.
Our Crew is dedicated to respect this planning as best they can to offer you a reliable service.
This should allow you to plan accordingly.

You will need to sign up to be added to the Yamato Guest List to be allowed on board.
Please sign up here > Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-up List
If you do not qualify for free travel, you will be flagged as a paying passenger by default.
This only applies if you intend to fly with us during a warp schedule on Fridays and Sundays.
There is no fee for repair runs.

We also have more crew willing to join, but real life is demanding more of their time for now, so stay tuned for more time frames coming soon.

Here is our weekly planning with your Captain name and repair run times.
Valid every week until further notice.

Runs will be advertised by your Captain, in the planet chat either #Monria or #Toulan, 30min and 15min before undocking and starting the run.

Warp Schedule 2021-page-001(2).jpg

Last word is, that this entire Program is brought to you by the community.
The crew is financing the warp drives, their time, and resources to bring this project to life.
So please be mindful of this when on board, and please enjoy the runs. :)

That is all,
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Glad to see this program returning. Would be a pleasure to assist in any way needed.
Deatz and I have been chatting behind the scenes about his involvement from a really cool perspective and once the details have been worked out, then we'll involve the head honcho of the Space Travel & Repair Skilling Programs. :p

That's a heads up Eleni that something cool is coming your way to help make your life easier and more productive. :thumbsup

Eleni Von Estlla

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I am really happy to see that this is lifting up some interest and activity from everyone, from any background, because thats exactly the meaning of the programme as a whole.

From the crafters making the tools, to the shop selling them, the repairers without which the programme simply wouldnt live, our dedicated captains making this whole thing possible, and all the little additions that can help shape up the activity around this programme, i think we are all simply equally important.

This is a community programme, and everything is in the name.
Absolutely everyone’s contribution is or will become essential.

I will only make assumptions, but if this means having a lifeline between Monria and Toulan, this will sure bring some muscles, not only into the repair programme, but into the Toulan / Monria developement as a whole.

Too many times we do see people asking if they can access Dsec9 from Toulan, or if a TP would be considered, for a fee, which we know is not possible.

So if we do get a regular service between Monria and Toulan, this would become the TP everyone asked for, probably be cheaper than the 7 peds MA is asking for, and certainly would facilitate, strengthen, and greatly help the repair programme and shop owners expanding.

I am probably talking too much again, but just to say that any help, from anyone’s specialty, is extremely welcome, and will also benefit everyone.

Thanks for all taking part into this ❤


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I got you Eleni. 💜

You're doing an awesome job with these programs. Thank you for your dedication and love for the community. Your efforts are appreciated. :thumbsup

And to my long-time awesome friend who stepped up to make a difference, I got you too Deatz. 💜
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