Salafa Laser Sight MK3 Blueprint [incl. MK1 & MK2 bps + Operation] | ending 24/10/21


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Having spoke to a few interested parties the last few weeks I have decided to sell out of the Salafa Laser Sight business myself and my good friend have built. My reason for selling is I have a highly demanding IRL business that does not enable me the time to take advantage of this EU business in the way it should be. I was a casual player of EU before I lucked out in the craziest way possible by looting the MK3 Blueprint and while I have had a blast figuring out the supply chain and making solid profit on the 3 sights I have decided I need to return to my filthy casual status within EU & leave the entire operation to the titans of industry & those with more time.

What I am selling?
  • 1x Salafa Laser Sight MK1 Blueprint
  • 1x Salafa Laser Sight MK2 Blueprint
  • 1x Salafa Laser Sight MK3 Blueprint ("currently only one in game - 6 weeks post discovery")
  • 8x Assorted Tinctures (possibly more depending on length of auction time)
  • Comprehensive data bundle on the best way to source the materials (explained below)

Estimated Yearly Turnover: 114,000ped [avg weekly turnover 2,200ped - proof can be supplied upon request]
(data based on current weekly turnover on less than an average of 4 hours play per day - true turnover potential is likely much higher with proper gear and more play time)

It is our belief that with looter2.0 weapons and higher ability to cycle you can increase the hourly ROI significantly and being able to commit more than 4 hours per day should increase this turnover linearly. Profitability depends on many factors and is variable based on the player however we can assure the end buyer that the profitability is healthy even using limited weapons.


Latest Sale Data On Sights (as of 12/10/2021)
MK1 - 1500% MU @225ped
MK2 - 1400% MU @588ped
MK3 - 1500% MU @1275ped

Screenshots of all auction sale proof can be provided, equally a simple Market History search will confirm this. Many sights have been sold privately in the last few weeks so auction data is not proof of true sales volume only proof of current prices.
*Worth mentioning that this sales data comes from the "pre-mayhem" market place so is likely it is not the maximum value of these sights - admittedly I undersold them initially gauging the market but seem to have settled on the prices shown above.


Operation Data Bundle

While the high value item here is the only MK3 Blueprint in the game, the data bundle that will be provided is of equally high value and provides deep insight into game mechanics that we do not believe are widely known. For obvious reasons revealing too much here would significantly devalue our offering and will therefore be as vague as possible. As this game is filled will people that sit comfortably on the right hand side of the bell curve revealing even tiny amounts of data can be enough to create competition from smarter players - we do not want the end buyer to have anything but a supply chain monopoly which we have enjoyed these past few weeks and can promise that as long as the data isn't shared by the end buyer it is absolutely not in our interests to share what we have learned - the mechanics learned here apply beyond this operation. A brief overview of what you will be getting includes; most efficient ROI mobs, complete mapping of drop cycles, max capacity drop data, data from 54 drops over 3weeks, max ROI rules and tips, optimal location data, optimal mining locations + more. We can also assure the end buyer that the publicly available data on all forums is nowhere close to the efficiency of the data that will be supplied. Evidence of our weekly loot can be found here.
*note; absolutely no info will be supplied to anyone beyond the end buyer so please no pm's about this. Our sale data and gallery proof shared above is all the evidence we will provide - while it takes some trust on your part, our auction sale history can be provided on demand + private sale data with the consent of the private buyers.


(~4 hours play per day over a week - not optimal nor max capacity at all but enough to generate >2,000ped per week)
Buyer skill requirements

Attachment Engineer of >15.0
- Following on the theme above revealing too much information would be enough for a smart player to figure stuff out but I can say with a 'high degree of certainty' if you have been playing the game for longer than a year+ and haven't gone into debt, lost your house and are currently doing unspeakable acts to maintain your ped card you will have the skills/knowledge required to run this operation. Naturally the better your skills/equipment/knowledge the more effective you will be but do not think this is beyond even a moderately committed EU addict. Feel free to come scan me to check.

45,000 Ped for the whole bundle with an instant BO of 110,000 Ped. I will leave this thread up until 24/10/2021 and will lock the thread for comments so that the end buyer remains anonymous enabling them to better capitalize on the monopoly provided. Offers will be accepted via pm in game, through pcf or through discord and proof of available ped must be supplied before I will end the auction. Bids will be updated here and screenshots provided (with names blurred out) for anyone rightly concerned i would be bidding off the wall - if you know me personally you'll know I wouldn't do this but if you don't I totally understand and will provide proof upon request.

In Game Avatar "Anonymous AckerZ Anonymous"
Discord "AckerZ#7792"

Risks to Buyer
As far as we understand it there are no current plans to change the drop rate of the materials or the blueprints - however while there is only 1x MK3 Blueprint in game it is always possible that another one could drop, 6 weeks since the discovery and endless ped spent blueprint fishing and this still remains the only one available, hopefully this stays this way but there is no guarantee it will, please factor this in when purchasing this business. The other risk factor to be considered is another player figuring out the supply chain and providing regular competition over your monopoly, so far this has not happened and there have been no indications anyone is close/interested in competing at this level, however again factor this into your decision. Even if another player is competing with the same set-up and same knowledge they would only be able to take a maximum of 50% of the supply chain if playing 24/7. I can guarantee this data won't be shared by me it is not impossible another could figure it out, however (again without revealing too much) the data provided prevents others from gaining a foothold.

In the meantime, I will continue farming tinctures for the end buyer.
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