SB-10 limited knife bug

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Hi all hope you are doing well 😎

Wanted to try ArMatrix SB-10 limited knife for hunt 🙄

For that knife I need 15 hit and dmg on knife fighter so I gained some codex ranks and when I reached 16.95 @ dmg and 16.02 @ hit this knife should be maxed out at that point but it is not even must be on 15 .... missing 1 attack per minute :D

75/76 :oops

can see in screen what I have any ideas why ?


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It's normal to be missing 1 attack for around 2 levels, so give it few more % in prof and you get to max it fully


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Check out this thread for example on adj SB-90, it's described there on bigger dagger

check specially this comment from Hijacker27:
"Uses on a weapon has always maxed around 25% PAST the SIB range on a weapon"

Nevertheless, nothing to be worried about, because:
you have 10/10 on hit, so you are not wasting ped on misses
you have 11.2-22.4/11.2-22.4 on dmg, so you are not loosing any DPP
You are only missing 1.3% DPS, which is not a big deal and it will come naturally in maybe half a lvl on hit ;)

Usually people are higher on hit than on dmg (primary professions mostly), so once dmg is maxed, hit is already 2 levels in front, so it's not that obvious, but for secondary professions, where hit is maxed later than dmg, it will be seen like this.

Hope it explains it :)

Lucky Great Eddy

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Actually loosing speed for attacks but not a big deal because on 16.3 hit I am maxed on it 🙄
So just wiki is old info need to change it somebody and put right numbers like maxed is 16.3 on hit and dmg :p
Not just copy and paste + 5 lvl :D
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