Second Annual Halloween Event Wave Hunt - MC Fatty Prophet

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There's a chill in the air. You hear the Dunwich Horror Cackling. The moon has turned red like blood. Halloween is coming, and with it, the Fat Prophet.

This will be the second annual occurrence of my very special Halloween day stream. We'll be on Monria and DSEC-9 the 31st of October between 17:00 and 00:00 Server guiding people through the very awesome Elder God's Suit and Shuub Spines missions. That means we'll be doing the dynamic wave events, and can use all the participation and coordination we can get.

What you will need: 600 PED of ammo at least. This will cycle several times and should be enough to get you through everything.
Get Tier 3 to 100% to qualify for each event. This is usually pretty easy to do.
A Tier 15 or higher gun. In other words, a gun you can use effectively at level 20, but no lower than that level.
Those are my tips for the best results.

We will be providing warps from 17:00 until 18:00 Server Time from anywhere in the Universe. Would prefer to know where you will be needing a ride from BEFORE the day of the event.
Lastly, we will be streaming this event starting at 18:00 Server time! Go to and follow. Send Fatteus Fatty Thorsson a friend request to be notified when the stream and the events are live. You'll also be notified when warps start.

I think that's everything! I hope to see you all on this spooky day! I'm sure Monria will also be doing something, which we will try to incorporate into.


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Nice to see you're back again this year Fatty for your annual Halloween Dynamic Waves Event ... I was present during last year's and it was hosted and handled brilliantly. I'll be around this year to observe and cheer everyone on.

BTW ... Our annual Monria Halloween Event is on Saturday, Oct 28th before your event and everyone is invited to ours too. I'll get our event thread posted after we move into October.

Looking forward to your event. :)
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