Shino's Jack of all trades services (Space Taxi, Fapping, Pet leveling etc.)


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:cheer Open for services 00:00 to 13:00 EU Time :cheer

Quad Space Taxi Service - Cheapest and fastest (no warps) and relaxing flight you'll ever have.

Delivery Guy Service - Can deliver your needed items fast, you just need to pay for the items and travel fee.

Sleipner Local Taxi Service - Any planet as long as you have the waypoint.

Fapping (Healing) Service - Accepting payments for decay only. tips are greatly appreciated :hi

Pet Leveling Service - I'll level up your pet according to what level you want them to be. Gonna trade you peds half the worth of the pet for ensurement and trust issues.

Accepting other services not mentioned above

Payments for services is flexible and may be change overtime depends on the game's economy. PM me in game during the given time

IGN : Shinozaki llShinoll Minami
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