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Hi all, specially new or low level players,

I'm thinking of restocking my shopkeeper aimed mostly at new players, mostly low level weapons possibly other items,

So what would people like to be able to buy on a regular basis?

To start with I'm going to half fill the shop with low level guns and leave room for requests.

Just post below with things you need to have fun on Monria.



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Hi Heidi ... good move to ask what would work and to add low level items to your shopkeeper, now it's a case of getting the word out beyond the forum that you have the items available. Your items are listed in the Monria Shops Inventory Tool database, and we advertise this tool in Monria chat as much as possible, so hopefully it will be used by new players too.

Also, I moved your thread to your dedicated shop section so everything is in one place. :)
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