Space Repairs skilling Programme

Eleni Von Estlla

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This Program is now being moved on the official Monrian Mothership Yamato.

-Please refeer here for the Conditions

-Please suscribe
to be added on the ship list

Thanks for being part of our amazing community :hi



This programme is open to all who wish to join the ship to skill up Vehicule Structural Enginnering (VSE).
This is absolutly free, all you need is a bunch of RK-5 tools and some wielding wires, that you can easily buy at Monria shops listed below.

This programme sight to help freshly born Monrian fellows, any aspiring crafters, or experienced crafters willing to sharpen their skills.

This can benefit you at the lowest cost in EU to :
-Advance / Finish your mentorship to get your armor.
-Unlock Bluprint comprehension Hidden skill at VSE Lv.10 (and skill it up by carrying on repairs!!) which affect general crafting from 9% to 11%, and 28% on Projectile engineering!
-Grind up to Lv.20 to be able to use RK-20 and get Skill increase Bonus again with the new tool, and possibly sell yourself as a skilled repairer to a space hunter crew.

NOTE: That doing this training on Monria, you will NOT have to pay any landing fee to get back on the lands, if you forgot something or need to check the Auction House, or just getting bored once your pilot left (or fell asleep).

TO ENTER THE SHIP once you have been added on the guest list, head to Monria Space Station, click on its TP then scroll down the roll Menu, select Yamato and TP in to get onboard.
TO GET OFF THE SHIP you will find a terminal on the wall of the main room, hit it once you see the message ''Yamato securly docked at Monria SS''.
TO PREVENT PIRATES ATTACKS you will be notified to DO NOT BRING ANY LOOT in space on #Force channel so please stay tuned on it during the whole session. The ship will not head up in space if anyone wears lootables, to please think of it before boading to avoid delays.

-This ship will NOT warp at any time.
-Pilots will relay to try and cover every time zone.
-The pilot seat is locked to prevent "losing" the ship.
-Gunners seat are locked to prevent space harrassement.
-DO NOT bring any loots in space.. Hunting loots, Mining loots must be left on the planet as pirates might attack us and loot you. If you have a vehicule in inventory, or containers, make sure they are empty too.
-For newcomers, make sure you downloaded SPACE on launch screen/Tool button before going on your first trip.


Hope to see some nice repair sessions in here :eek:rder

Crew to be swapped on Yamato

[Phillip J-Fry]


Just WOW on this 1st Friday... Full house, we held space for 6 hours... Yous all crazy lunatics thank you so much for joining this sessions!! Couldnt ask any better :p
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Sounds really good Eleni, and that's very generous of Luckycharm to make the Starfinder XXIX available for a repair skilling program. I wish I had the ped available to purchase the ship, because that would just be awesome. I would give it a cool name and we could keep the repair skilling program going.

At least we have the Turtle available when we need to make a run, so that's cool. I appreciate Anhithe's generosity in that sense as well, because I know it costs for warps, etc.

I think you'll do fine with this program, and if I can help in any way, let me know. :)

Eleni Von Estlla

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hee hee thanks a lot, will take a bit o time to stabilize the programme but im sure keeping up repair tools, welding wire stocks up, aswell as daily mission stocks might get used and depleted more often overtime, if this programme is a success so all shop owners are welcome to try keep an eye on the upcoming needs changes :eek:rder


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I'm glad to see that others are jumping on board with this program. It's a grand idea indeed.

I'm super happy you're with us on the Moon too -E-, because it's been quirky and majorly fun.

It's also fantastic to have you as one of the 4 Q's. :clap


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Well Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I'm usally pretty much out of it as I have Dialysis in the mornings est time, and then I come home am on facey for a short bit then its beddy bye as it wears me out :)
tho you can always message me on facebook if I'm up ill see it :cheer My name for facey is the same as this name just minus the A :thumbsup with that I'm off to bed :D
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