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:eek:rderUPDATED:eek:rder again, please may the crew take 2 min to re-read :rolleyes:
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Eleni Von Estlla

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Sorry guys, just to let yous know ill have to cancel tonight session, virus is knocking me down to bed.. cant take much more :(

Will be back on Friday's night, just go mess around DM's Penthouse for tonight :)



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Just a little update from me:

To maximise your skilling opportunities I have decided to give the whole crew, as is now, pilot rights.
Like that you can enjoy skilling captain as well a bit, besides repairing after or during a run.

Please do park the ship back at Monria SS fully repaired when done and drag the mobs far out of the training grounds when blowing the ship up. Like that the next one flying in the zone can get skills from the mobs in there that were not dried up.

The closest training ground to monria is called "Galactica Memorial", with the bottom center position: [59771, 79287, 1827]
The zone is 1 au³ big, or 1000x1000x1000 points on the map's longitude, latitude and "height". Note that to reach this zone you have to fly "up" fairly much for as far you can call it that in space lol.

One tip is to look up the "Align Horizontal" command in your action center and place an icon for it on your screen, so on the map the arrow will actually point towards the 2D direction you are flying. Note that any movement key or camera change key is likely to abort the alignment, so you have to click it again if you did accidentally.


P.S. I forgot to mention, if you open the map and select space in the top right corner, you can - on the map itsself (top left) - activate the "H" icon. Like that you can see the current location of all ships which you are on the Guest List of in space, shown as an "H'. Hover over it to see the vessel's name.

A waypoint can be added to this "H"(~ome) as well. The location does not auto-update on the map, nor in the waypoint if a ship is moving, so you might have to re-open the map and enable the "H" icon several times in case you are flying yourself towards a moving one.

Some other handy facts to know:

The ship uses 2.5 pec oil per au. Flying to arkadia station from monria would use 76 pec. The huge fuel tank is in the corner behind the reactor in the basement, should it ever run dry or if you just happen to feel like pouring a bit of oil in. Note that whatever oil you put in, you cannot pull back out (nor can I).

Current maximum flying speed is 80%, which corresponds with 1 au per 321 secs or 11.204 au/hour or 0.0031au/sec.
Reaching the training ground bottom center from the opening of the monria station should take little over 17 minutes (3.2x au).

The current ship's strength is:
- Propulsion: 23678.6 SI
- Reactor: 23678.6 SI

There is a public channel called #pathfinderxxix which you can join and use to chat eachother if needed.

Think this is all you need to know.

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Since this thread is not currently relevant, I am locking it, but ... Eleni will at some point be providing repair runs on the Yamato ... she recently joined the Yamato Crew and is working her way through pilot training, but she's doing a great job, so that's not taking long, she's just getting accustomed to our unique Warp Schedule Service, which is different than other warp services.

She will also be training to do Flight Manager position as well, so a welcomed and valued crew member. :thumbsup

Besides all that, the combination of Derik, Leent, Avum, Eleni and yours truly, it's been quite fun too. :p

Keep a look out for Eleni's future repair runs, but also those by the rest of the crew as well.
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