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I went on Monria for the first time a week ago or so, and I noticed the cave has a linear path, start to end and in-between 3 definitive spots where can be possible to start a wave event. On my way to last TP I did a run who was pretty quick since the mobs are not a hard to do challenge. at the end I wanted to kick some more and grind there for a bit, but unfortunately that changed pretty fast into a search and recover dead carcasses from all those crevasses, the bad part was the search since the respown was somehow inexistent 70-75% of time I was searching like a headless chicken, or that was the feeling I had. The idea is the new rings and pills and amps can easy rise a medium gun to a decent combo dps. IMK@ base dps = 72 dmg, while an avg dps IMK2 tier8 + amp + ares imp + 10% reload pill = ~140 dmg ... average, not to mention a base dps weapon who is above 100. Using my gear I can kill a L33-Xanthippe in 14-15 seconds on minimum gear.

My suggestion to make somehow the respown to be more quick ( Cyrene has it and works excellent, this is why I prefer to grind there than any other place, Arkadia also has it.), I know Devs from here are friends whit Kris and the team, u can share the info and also a quick visit there would be enlighten. Also a dense spowns means more ppl to hunt there cause I don't believe 2 low players can skill/grind there side by side.

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