Suggestion - Add a TP to Jelly Zone on Toulan


Having spent the last few days exploring Toulan for the first time since the original week of release, I would suggest putting a TP on every outpost. It's really frustrating having so many locations without TPs, especially when a lot of them have mission NPCs as well. I'm spending so much time just flying around from one place to another. Perhaps I should just thank my lucky stars that we're allowed vehicles now!


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For me it's ok as it's. If you want to make easier the hunter life would be nice move the NPCs, that give daily missions, in places that have a teleporter.
I like having "lost" areas where's hard to get out or walk in... ahhh my newbie old memories stucked in the Outpost SE of the rig in Eudoria populated by nasty mobs, I was there few days before decide to swim a couple of hours to a safe spot, it was in 2005
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