Tale of Toulan, episode 3


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“Many generations after Qumran's reign, a young and ambitious warrior by the name of Sinmar dreamt of bringing back to life the legacy of the great sultan. It wasn't long before he decided to seek out the Mages since they were the only link to the Narians. Sinmar knew that to unify the nation only with his Insian army, the battles would last many years, and the lives lost would be countless. To peaceably bring together the tribes, he needed an army with such awe-inspiring might that it would crush any opposition before it started. With the raw power of the Narians at his side, he would bring all the people of the land under his rule, and even surpass the glory of Qumran's reign.

“When the time came I called Sinmar to me, and passed on to him the Book of Laws, for with it the Mages may be traced and found. Sinmar bound himself to the great Book, swearing to work for the good of the planet and protect the balance of Nawa, and set off on his treacherous journey.

“Sinmar travelled across the land in his search for the Mages, and when in the Snow Mountains, fell in love with the Al-Nahar princess and healer Dia. When Sinmar continued on his journey from there, Dia travelled with him as his bride.

“It was many moons still before Sinmar found himself in the Mage’s hiding place. Once there, he wasted no time making himself heard. ‘I want you to fix the Astrolabe,’ said our mighty hero to these men of unimaginable power. ‘I want you to call upon the Narians to return as our equals, to make this land as great as it once was.’ I shudder to remember the arrogance in his voice, the self-importance in his stance... but then I suppose it was what drew the Mages out of their initial disdain of him – they could see the potential in the man for greatness, and they could sense the hold they would have on him through his pride.”
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