The music of DSEC-9 & a little bit about the future (+Sneak peaks from the DSEC-9 Soundtrack)


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Hello all

The name is NoBion!

i started my journey in Project Entropia in the end of 2003. i was nothing more than a 14 year old kid at that time, but what a fantastic experience it was venturing in to this virtual world! i played a lot for many years, never as the hardcore grinder, but a social soul that spent a lot of time exploring, socializing at the oil rig and casual hunting & Mining. i do still play today, but not in the same amounts

Some of the soundtrack throughout Project Entropia times really caught me and also others for its futuristic and alien like style. this really inspires me even today!

When the oppertunity to work together with Virtualsense became a reality, i set myself the goal to find a style that is unique to Monria/DSEC/Toulan mixed together with the style of older PE music.

Today there is 25 Music tracks througout the 3 Zones of DSEC-9. The soundtrack of DSEC-9 is still being worked on.

A system with alot more intense atmospheric tracks that will serve as a "break" between the music are going to enhance the mood of the zones. This is not present as of right now, but in the works for release in 2023.

Also i will be updating tracks as well.

Its possible to hear some "sneak peaks" from the soundtrack on the following link:
I hope you will enjoy the music now and in the future. i will post updates here :)

Thank you

- NoBion


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Hello NoBion 💜 ... SO nice to see you at the forum and posting. I always share in game that the music everyone hears at DSEC-9 is your originally-composed tracks, except for the 3 Synth Wave areas which was originally-composed by Ant's brother Pusherman. You both did an amazing job and I see many giving compliments about it in the in-game Monria chat channel.

I can't wait to hear the atmospheric versions when you get them completed. I'm a huge fan and just love that you were amenable to work with us on the music. I think it might have been KillerBee a long time ago who told me to check out your music at the Caly forum, so I did, and then shared it with Ant, Kendra and Pusherman (our Sound & Tech Engineer). I guess you could say the rest is history. We love working with you, and I appreciate that you give me new samples to listen to on Discord before they are fine-tuned and then released after you work with Ant and Pusherman.

Looking forward to a lot more from this musical relationship. :thumbsup


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I love your comment DME, it's better explained than I could do. I have a lot to thank you for when it comes to our joined effort to bring Virtualsense and it's ingame locations up to the next level ;-)

Everyone I worked with so far have been a pure pleasure to work with. I have a lot of thumbs up to send in all directions :jumpclap

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It's nice to see your still around after all these years NoBion. Loving the work and glad to hear more is coming. :)

The old oil rig was surely the best thing in EU so many memories, only those who were there would understand, I still remember my 17k hof there early into the game. :D
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