The New Trader in Town FireFist!


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FireFist's Trader List>>>

I set the list with everything I believe drops in Toulan if yu see something not on the list IE: socket comps werent on there (I added) let me know so, I can make sure everyone has an opportunity to sell anything they loot here on Toulan!!! <3

That's the list and will try to update it as I receive orders and I see demand or supply issues ill adjust mu accordingly so, always check in see whats all moving <3

I work 2 jobs and run 4 shops between RT - Toulan - Next Island
[Planet Toulan, 134373, 96625, 176, FireFists Bazaar]
[Next Island, 136833, 83382, 183, Firefists Sweat Shop]
[Next Island, 136794, 83470, 113, FireFists Crafted Goods]
[Next Island, 128038, 86618, 119, FF Cozy BP]

so, If you dont catch me just hang on send me a PM and we will link up as soon as I can <3 Im going to try to be as available as much as I can. Hopefully this will help ppl to continue to *pew pew* or *slash slash* more on Toulan and not be forced to leave <3

I always said if I get a Shop in Toulan that I would like to become a trader so, here we are!

If you are a buyer send me a PM of items ur looking for and the MU and ill adjust things to fill orders faster

PS: In-Game Avatar Name
Ace FireFist Williams
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taking a step back for being a trader will update when i pick up the reigns again good luck out the all
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