The St. Patrick's Day Fist-ival of '24!!!

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It's ALMOST that time again! Time to grease those knuckles and lay out some blokes on the most Irish day of the year!
Monria has their event up until 23:59 Server on the 17th. Think of this event as the AFTER PARTY!
This year we bring back the Giveaways and the Irish Pub Music as well as adding a DRINKING GAME! (Any liquid qualifies, not necessarily alcoholic)
Fist weapons provided (2 per person: unless someone wants to donate some gloves, then we can do more per person, maybe), so you get free skills JUST FOR SHOWING UP! If you break all your fists, use the TT value of your loot to buy new ones! Be sure to save at least one of your gloves for the end of the event, though. ;)

At 23:30 Server time on the 17th, we will gather at the Military Camp Teleporter on Monria. Open trade with Fatty for your 2 FREE FISTS!
At 0:00 Server, we will head down to the Leprechauns and knock their blocks off!
At 2:00 Server, we will head back up to the Teleporter and go a little further to the PVP Boxing Ring and have a BIG Boxing tournament!
Winner of the tournament will receive a really cool prize!
Giveaways on stream every hour! We will RACE for a random place chosen by you, the viewers! Closest without going over wins!
So, winning the race isn't necessarily the goal! Anyone can win!
- the stream link.

Sound like fun? Hope to see you there! If you take any screen shots, send them my way at [email protected]
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We have prizes for the boxing tournament now, thanks to an anonymous donor.
First of all, we are separating the tournament by character Health.
Lightweights will be those with <100 -110 Health
Middleweights will be those with 111 - 144 Health
Heavyweights will be those with 145+ Health
This makes it more fair. The prizes for each category will be different, with higher level gear for the bigger health players. If you can't use the prize, no worries. You can keep them as a trophy or save them for later or sell them to someone who can use them.
What is the prize?
Limited Edition Boxing Gloves! They're super neat looking and native to Monria, I believe.
Certainly not something you see every day.

So, in summation, come for the free skilling, stay for the tournament, and maybe win some more free skilling! See you this Sunday! ;)
Just so everyone knows, I only have enough fists to give to about 40 players. If you can afford your own fists, consider buying some for yourself or your friends. The second part of the event is open to as many people as possible. You will need a fist weapon and NO ARMOR OR RINGS OR HEALING allowed. If you equip armor, use a FAP or chip, or equip a Ring it is an auto disqualification. See you all in about an hour or so. ;)
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