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Please post in this thread, any mob issues and feedback that will help us sort things out further so that your experiences are more enjoyable.

Include the following information:
  • what current Toulan mob types don't you see enough of
  • what current Toulan mob types are you having an issue with
  • what are "actual" mob bugs that need fixing
  • offer mob suggestions you think would be beneficial ... no guarantee they will be implemented, but definitely considered :)
  • --- example: somewhere that a sweat mob would be convenient and generate participation
  • --- what is the best sweat mob, especially for new players
  • --- perhaps multiple locations would work with different mob levels for different player levels
  • what types of mobs would you like to see in future VUs
  • --- again, no guarantee they will be implemented, but this helps us gauge what the community is interested in regarding development
  • also, we're looking for reasonable suggestions, so please approach this seriously
The information you post here will give us a starting point to not only fix things, but also learn what you would like for us to consider.

Thank You :)

Littlestar b-k

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I don't know what the best sweat mob would be as i dispise sweating :p but when you figure it out maybe you can place it in the path the newcommers take when following the beginners chain mission. You could even add it in there as an extra step. For example put an npc near that area were they are pointed to in the mission and have that npc ask for x sweat and then reward some shrapnel or uni ammo. Or even a beginner weapon with some uni ammo.

Littlestar b-k

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Mob i'd like to see in future vu's

As it is right now it might be hard to add another mob to Toulan.
Cleaning up the spawns will open up some room to put these mob(s) With cleaning up i mean we don't need 8 area's on whole of toulan were qaffaz spawn. If all those area were different matureties i'd get it, But that is not the case. Tabtab, sunjoq, jeef Qaher,dahhar and bahri same story.
As what mob i think one that ties Toulan and Monria togheter would be the obvious first choice. ;)

King Scott

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I would like to see the wave event timers increased. So far it seems that each wave has a timer of about 30mins~ before the wave just ends and starts you over. I do understand that these wave events are more for groups of people, but the timers are very short considering the amount of mobs you have to kill on each wave. I'm talking more about the higher level ones so to speak.

Thanks, looking forward to all the changes =]


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i would like mob witch can be hunt with vehicule maybe giant earth djinn walking or water djinn in water. attaquable with regular weapon as vehicule weapon.


not really a mob issue per se, but taming tab tab the last few days my avatar got stuck in the big rock box next to the waypoint for the taming mission. Seems to have thin walls that absorb your avatar in to the rock wall if you get to close. Doesn't happen often, just if you get too close to the cliff that you can walk around there... maybe either remove the cliff or make it so avatars cannot fall inside.

Also, as far as taming goes, this taming mission is nice, but these guys have low hp vs some of the tameables over on Monria... maybe more advanced versions could work, or maybe a 'rare' tab tab or karmoosh can pop up every so often or whatever... mission is 100 maybe a rarer version can come at 125 or whatnot.
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