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It appears that we're going to have yet another quiet Toulan event weekend and I have to tell you that this is really quite bizarre because Decca is always up to something and trying to manipulate the elements to cause us chaos. I chalked it up to over-exhausting her Cultists last month and being pleased that more are joining the Church of the Elder Gods for the Elder Robes and collecting the Elder Tributes.

Maybe that's it ... as long as the Elder Gods Church membership is rising she feels she has a foothold for whatever her long-term planning is, and if that's the case, I can't wait for her to find out just how delusional she is, and just how bad she will crash and burn. I'll tell you why ... but keep this between us though, because if she gets wind of this info she's likely to blow a gasket.

I have it on good authority that while the Elder Tributes are not tradable, and you don't have to turn them in at each level of acquiring the Elder Robes, there will be a good use for them in the future ... I just can't share anything further than that. For those of you who haven't started this mission chain yet, you might want to give it more thought ... I wouldn't want to see a lot of you kicking yourselves in the ass because you didn't. Don't ever underestimate us. :p

In the meantime, let's continue to be the warriors that Queen Nara expects and protect her and the Toulan Kingdom from any potential evil.

Question is ... who's next to join the building of the Elder Robe forces to counter any stupid-ass plans that Decca might have?


Event Begins | Friday, April 26th -- 19:00 Game Time at Guardian Village
Event Ends | Sunday, April 28th -- Midnight or After
--- to determine game time -- click on your System tab in the chat box and press the period key if you haven't remapped your keyboard
Location | Begins at Guardian Village with HM Queen Nara and will expand across various locations on Toulan over the weekend

Yamato Warp Schedule will run on Thursday, Apr 25th and Monday, Apr 29th due to the weekend-long Toulan event.

Specific Details
  • The Toulan community and allies must unite once again to defeat shared loot mobs and protect the planet
  • As a reminder, the 22 modified mob maturities will only ever appear during events
  • The Lost Pages will drop from all mobs during an event and outside of an event, as well as from mining and crafting
  • As learned with the launch of this monthly event in Dec 2020, the mob attacks will commence at Guardian Village with HM Queen Nara when she kicks off the event outside the East Gate
  • --- she is calling on all Insians and allies to defend the village
  • We also learned that following the initial attack, there is a full scale invasion across various locations on Toulan
Here is a link to Toulan's Mobs ... including Event Mobs, Toulan Waves, Boss Mobs, and Toulan Codex.
Also a link to the Toulan Everything Guide ... the Toulan Shop Inventory Tool ... and the Toulan Directory
Here is a link to the Toulan Monthly Event | Event Mob Details & Locations


We warned you before to come fully prepared because the behavior of these unique 22 modified creatures is unpredictable. Many learned with the launch of this monthly event in Dec 2020, that anyone stepping into the large aggro range of these mobs will trigger a full-on charge of all of the mobs at once, and it's not just one group of them. There are waves that include boss mobs, and then all 7 of the boss mobs in a row, one more deadly than the one before. When this initial onslaught of chaos concludes, the full scale invasion across various locations on Toulan begins for the remainder of the weekend.

For full and complete details about this monthly event, there is an article in the Dec 2020 Virtualsense Quarterly magazine that breaks everything down.

  • The Toulan Citizenship Mission is tied into the Toulan Monthly Event only.
  • You need a NawaCore MK3 to be able to take the mission from NPC Haneen at the Citadel in the Information Booth.
  • Here is a link to Nawa/NawaCore information.
  • Only event mobs (including the mobs at the beginning wave activity at Guardian Village) will count toward points and progressing the mission.
  • Event mobs are all shared loot mobs and your contribution will give points, you don't have to have the kill shot.
  • You will not receive points from event mobs while in a team.
  • After completing the Toulan Citizenship Mission you will receive the Toulan Born outfit, the free space travel benefit on the Yamato and ---
  • --- eligible to do all current and future Toulan Born missions and Queen Nara's continued Citizenship missions taken from the Citizens Representative
  • --- the Citizens Representative NPC is located just inside of the Guardian Village East Gate on the right
ToulanOutfit-Front.png ToulanOutfit-Back.png

3 - Event Mobs.png

(these guys, and the other wave levels all charge at once when the first player breaches their aggro range, which is quite large)

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