Toulan Storyline Missions (Open to all)

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Hey all,
This is a guide for the storyline mission, which is open to everyone.
It will start just like for Toulan borns, but stop upon receiving Alhan's vehicule. From there you will jump to Al-Nahar City.
The bits inbetween are now reserved to Monria and Toulan born. So if you are a returning player, and was mid-quest in this middle bit, you wont be able to continue this.
From there i suppose you will have to abandon the mission, and pick up at Al-Nahar.

Note: This mission I have done in 2015/2016, so this is built on notes and infos i gathered. I couldnt get it all to the end, so if you are in the middle of doing it, please post here in the same format (coords, order, task, reward, etc etc).
Hope this helps,

So first landing on Toulan, you will of course want to run to the first TP.
But the first NPC of the mission chain, Salaam, is on the other plateforme.

Mission 01 - Meet Salaam
Look on the left, where all the arches are, and meet Salaam to start the chain.
Entropia 2021-10-16 09.58.10.png

Entropia 2021-10-16 09.59.27.png

He will then say Good Morning, and tell you to meet Bilal.
What he wont tell you, is why his teeth look like an antique piano.

Mission 02 ~ Meet Bilal
Bilal be then located at the main gate of the Citadelle.
Entropia 2021-10-16 10.04.41.png

Toulan born get their... amazing, beautiful, unique, pretty, gorgeous, silky Toulan born shirt at this point. Im not jealous!
But you will have to do without it, since this guide is for tourists.
Bilal will ask you to put five tabtab and five sunjoqs to rest.
Those can be found on the left on the main gate, by the pond.
Entropia 2021-10-16 10.08.52.png

Once this is done, Bilal will recognize that you sure are a great hunter!
You will get the Salafa Begginer pistol, and 0.70PED ammo as a reward, and then Bilal send you to the person guarding the other pillar of the gate : Alhan!

Mission 03 : Alhan's wedding ring
So... Alhan's problem is much more complicated than the hunting task you achieved before.
Alhan is located next to Bilal, at the Citadelle, by the stairs [Planet Toulan, 132641, 94073, 280, Waypoint]
Entropia 2021-05-23 08.45.49.png

Alhan will tell you that she has lost her wedding ring!
She is now ready to pay anyone, anything to get her ring back, so you better get at it!

You will only have to look around, but we will give you a clue: There's water at the Citadel, and water has to go somewhere.
If you look behind the Citadel's Tower, there is a sewage pouring into a tiny reservoir.
Entropia 2021-05-23 08.51.57.png

The ring has gone through there, and fell into the water [Planet Toulan, 132645, 93996, 254, Waypoint]
There is a bubbly shining marker onto the ring, to make it more visible ingame.
Entropia 2021-05-23 08.52.58.png

Entropia 2021-05-23 09.10.18.png

Now is time to hurry and get the ring back to Alhan [Planet Toulan, 132641, 94073, 280, Waypoint]
She will be astonished that you managed to recover her wedding ring, and will reward you her old car: [Ahlan's Old Vehicle (L)]
Entropia 2021-05-23 09.14.01.png

NOTE. This mission is open to all, also part of "Alhan's old vehicule" mini chain.
For non-Toulan born, the mini chain ends here, upon receiving Alhan's Old Vehicule.

This is the last mission open to everyone.
The Main mission chain will pick up for everyone again by Senan, in Nahar City [Planet Toulan, 134486, 96467, 274, Waypoint]


Mission 01 - Meet Rabee
So since this one has been a huge problem for many, many, many tourists, Senan is down the main alley from the TP of Al~Nahar City.
Entropia 2021-10-16 10.20.52.png

Talk to Senan, [134490 ~ 96470] the chief engineer in Al~Nahar City.
He sends you to meet Rabee in the Nawa Reactor. [134055 ~ 96745]

Mission 02 - Drop the pressure
Rabee wants you to check the pressure on the pipes all around Nahar city
Pipe 01 [134242 ~ 96262]
Pipe 02 [134413 ~ 96742]
Pipe 03 [134274 ~ 96233]
Pipe 04 [134326 ~ 96549]
Pipe 05 [134481 ~ 96355]
Return to Rabee and hes happy.
REWARD : Combat reflex skill.
He then sends you to Sahran the Ecologist.

Mission 03 - Meet Sahran the ecologist
Meet Sahran [134385 ~ 96379]
Which gives you the next mission.....

Mission 04 - Cold Cuts
Sahran conducts researches on Caborias, and needs some samples.
Needs 15 x Caboria hides
Needs 5 x Caboria shells
And sends you to hunt in a small spawn [133957 ~ 96448]
Return to Sahran [134385 ~ 96379]
REWARD : BLP weaponry technology skill
Then Sahran starts your next mission.

Mission 05 - Say Cheese!
Sahran has placed observation cameras all over Toulan to watch the faunas.
You are asked to gather the films inside each of them.
They do have a waypoint on the map.
Motion sensor 01 [134795 ~ 95943]
Motion sensor 02
Motion sensor 03 [136104 ~ 91918]
Motion sensor 04 [134573 ~ 91207]
Motion sensor 05 [131547 ~ 92743]
Motion sensor 06 [131838 ~ 94745]
Motion sensor 07 [134154 ~ 93795]
Motion sensor 08

Back to Sahran [134385 ~ 96379]
REWARD Aim skill
Sends you to meet Senan for a serious matter.

Mission 06 - Check on Senan
Go see Senan [134490 ~ 96470] for the next mission.

Mission 07 - Go To Red Alert
Senan has noticed bombs planted in Al-Nahar City.
You will have to find all 5 of them.
Waypoints on the map.

The Majlis [134302 ~ 96457]
The Nawa Reactor [134059 ~ 96760]
The Nawa Regulator [134282 ~ 95259]
City Center [134432 ~ 96411]
The Garden Tubes [134542 ~ 95413]

Return to Senan, and he now asks you something much more tedious.

Mission 08 - Colour Cutting

Senan now asks you to defuses the bombs.
(Banner shows "Defues" instead of Defuse)

Bomb 01 City Center ~ Cut Black
Bomb 02 Majis ~ Cut Orange
Bomb 03 Garden Tubes ~ Cut RED
Bomb 04 Regulator ~ Cut Black
Bomb 05 Reactor ~ Cut White

All bombs defused, return to Senan [134490 ~ 96470]
REWARD : Combat Reflex

Then he sends you to Captain Xaida.

Mission 09 - Talk to Captain Xaida
Meet the Captain [134412 ~ 96476]

Mission 10 - Justice on Jeef Qaher Slugs
Apparently the ones who planted the bombs, so youll have to hunt them down.
Waypoint on map
[134009 ~ 96136]
Return to Xaida [134412 ~ 96476]
REWARD : Handgun skills.
And then sends you a an isolated friend, Jabaly.

Mission 11 - Meet Jabaly😢
Waypoint on map
[132287 ~ 95321]

Mission 12 - Sunny Side Up
Jabaly the birdwatcher wants you to find the birds nests in Jelly Zone
Waypoints on map.

Nest 01 [131626 ~ 95290]
Nest 02 [131556 ~ 95272]
Nest 03 [131499 ~ 95272]
Nest 04 [131655 ~ 95405]
Nest 05 [131530 ~ 95420]

Return to Jabaly [132287 ~ 95321]
Reward = ???

Mission 13 - Protect the Coop

Jabaly now wants you to take care of the Qaffaz and Dahhar problem.
Hunt 8 Dahhar
Hunt 12 Qaffaz
Hunting grounds here [132238 ~ 95097]
Go back to Jabaly [132287 ~ 95321]
REWARD : Powerfist skill.

Mission 14 - the 10X

Jabaly now wants animal parts.

Complete 3 out of 4 lists
5x Qaffaz Tail
5x Mohkat hands
5x Bahri Claw
5x Dahhar Skin
(Keep parts with you for trading)


Thats the end of what i could gather.
Theres still a bit to go, to earn your citizen outfit, then gather the firestones.
Again, if you are doing it, please feel free to give any more information, as detailed as possible; a video would be best, i would gladly peel it off and transfert all the infos here.

Thank you,
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Hiyi 👋😁

Thanx Eleni for a great tutorial .. i will now add my contribution and follow on from where you left off :)
(apologies if some screenshots are a bit low quality cos i pulled them from video i did for notes lol)

Mission 15 - Three of Four
Once you have completed 3 of the four lists return to Jabaly - [132287 ~ 95321]
Note: you cant use items you already have, or have traded via player or auction you must loot them yourself


In my case i chose Dahhar skin, Qaffaz Tail and Mokhat Hand


Mission 16 - Letter Of Ithbat



Mission 17 - Kahar Outfit Stage 1

Mission 18 - Kahar Outfit Stage 2

For this next part you can simply trade or buy the required textures if you wish

Mission 19 - Kahar Outfit Stage 3


Once inside the cave you will find 3 Duhol Crates once collected they respawn as you kill the mobs inside the cave

Note: even if you have plenty of Nawa Drops already Uthman will not allow you to trade them to him until you have collected them from the Duhol Crates in the cave

Grats .. you now have the outfit 😁
[Nahar Outfit Shoes (F)], [Nahar Outfit Pants (F)], [Nahar Outfit Shirt (F)]


If you only wanted the outfit then thats it .. however were still not done yet .. there is still more to do

Mission 20 - Meet Sahira

Mission 21 - Fire Stones

Once at the fire pits you will see a small fire stone next to them



Mission 22 - Sahira Charm

now if you have already done these dailies before then perhaps like me it will allow you to continue the dialouge

Mission 22 - Find Cuhof Cave

And thats it well done 😁


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