Toulan Volunteer Mentor - (RJ Rob James)


Volunteer Mentor
VCAT Team Member
I am applying to be a Volunteer Mentor.

Game Experience - I played the game 20+ years, pre gold era, so that should tell you all you need to know. Yes I do not know everything and even I need to ask for help on occasions but I do know a lot about the game.
Mentor Qualification - Well I have only recently started being a mentor and offering my services. I am doing it to help others only :)
Time Zone - GMT +1
Availability - I am online when I am online, but I am online pretty much every day, I have a very weird sleep pattern due to my anxiety issues. So I am sometimes up in the daytime and sometimes up at night time. So it really does vary a lot. But I will always make sure that my deciples know they can contact me even when I am offline. I will provide them my discord too so they can contact me on their too when I am offline.

Further Info: If you would like me to be your mentor then you will be safe in hands, I am a kind and friendly guy from the UK - pretty chill and relaxed, I also will buy your sweat and fruits of you too at a nice rate to help you out. I am not fully aware of all the missions yet on Toulan but I know about some of them, but not all. I need to still learn them all lol.

If I am offline then you can join my discord server and send me a message in my server or DM me on it (DreamRJ): Join the DreamRJ - Chill Zone! Discord Server!


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