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Two Factor Authentication Update

In our recent State of the Universe Address, we announced plans to release a new two-factor authentication system later this year:

MindArk is developing a new two-factor authentication system that will gradually replace the Gold Card Security System currently in use. This new system will be released as an app for popular mobile platforms for all Entropia Universe participants.

This announcement sparked lots of speculation and discussion on community forums, so we wanted to clarify several points to address some of the concerns raised by participants.

  1. Account security is MindArk's highest priority; any new security option that is made available to participants will make Entropia Universe accounts more secure, not less.
  2. MindArk will continue to support the existing Gold Card Security System for participants already using the system, including after the release of the planned mobile two-factor authentication system described in the State of the Universe Address.
  3. Eventually the Gold Card Security System may no longer be offered for purchase in the future, though again, participants already using that system may continue to do so.
  4. The authentication system included in the planned Entropia Universe mobile application will natively integrate Google Authenicator, a well proven, highly secure industry-standard two-factor authentication solution.

Rest assured that the security of Entropia Universe accounts is our highest priority. Our development team looks forward to offering increasingly more secure and flexible tools for Entropians to keep their accounts secure in the future.

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Did you ever read 1984? .....
Read it and the film version (released in 1984 strangely enough) featuring John Hurt (the guy in Alien) is worth a watch if you dont have enough free time to read the book.

I think I've said what I think about Goldcard replacement somewhere else, lets just say - I'm NOT a fan!! :loco


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I read it when I was a teenager and I was changed by it......:eek: (for a couple of weeks anyway (teenagers....:rolleyes:) )

But is does seem to be happening softly when you look around todayo_O


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Honestly I think the gold card is the best thing, no one has access to it except those in your home, and if it is stored safely in a spot that you always put it, then it is a great thing, I hate using my phone for token numbers and all tha.


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I don't trust the phone and this Hub bub with Apple and security is just a bunch of bullshit to make people feel comfy and keep buying their stuff.

Let me explain a few things.
1. A cell tower simulator is an easy device to get. Hackers use them all the time to gather ESN's and stuff from phones. The NSA and other entities have them all over cities themselves, they look like cell towers but are really just 'gathering' towers. Your phone thinks it's a cell tower so is more than happy to 'talk' to it. You will often find these around major airports.

2. Updates happen all the time, AUTO updates. Ok so you turned 'those' off on your phone, I sure hope it lets you sleep better at night all you sheeple. They may pretend to be giving YOU the permission to let an update in but trust me, if there was a bug lets say, that let you exploit that phone for free calls or something like that. You can bet your nutsack that the 'update' to fix that would be pushed in a second, your permission NOT needed.

So with this, I NEED cough cough, to get into a phone to see what is on it.
Simple, you fake a cell tower, fake a brand name, carrier etc.. get into an isolated room so it can't talk to any 'real' signals. Turn on your fake tower and just 'push' a system update on it, and oh by the way, the update just happens to 'delete' the software that encrypts stuff, it's buggy, a fix will be out 'shortly'.,.....

The NSA has been doing this for YEARS already anyways and do not think for an instant that they are the only ones. I can guaranTEE you, several other countries have been doing this for years already as well. They don't want you to know about it because they want you to feel secure to keep all your 'secrets' on your phone.. and use your phone when you are wanting to do 'bad stuff'.

Anyone who thinks there is anything resembling privacy anymore is a fool.



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Sheeple ! Ive never herd ;) this before it's brilliant I love it. :)

And yes I think you're exactly right, the generation coming up now don't even value their privacy!
They are happy to allow open access to their personal lives. I have this conversation with my children on a regular basis as they ask for things like "snap chat" and "Instagram" because everybody else has it

I will tell my little lambs not to grow up to be Sheeple
Thanks Sluggo :)
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