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Virtualsense is a business that first acquired Monria on 26 Nov 2015, and for 5 years put a progressive plan in place to partnership with our community toward creating the best experience possible. Right from the beginning our primary focus has always been on community. We observe, we listen and we act in accordance to what will work best for the community. We pay attention to wants, needs and what works and what doesn't work.

On 19 Aug 2020, we added Planet Toulan to our Virtualsense family. This meant having an even greater responsibility to our growing communities, and an elevated focus on providing the kind of cohesive community environment that promotes beneficial interaction with regard to helping each other, and especially new players joining both Monria and Toulan. This also relates to a comfortable level of communication without certain elements that can become disruptive causing drama and preventing the normal course of how our communities operate.

Right from the start, we have done things differently. We give primary focus to building our communities to work toward achieving goals and a vision that benefits all. We created the Community Initiative Programs (CIP) where many community members volunteer their time and effort toward helping each other. Some manage parts of these programs, and some have, over the course of the past 5 years, even created their own initiatives that help community members. We appreciate and support the efforts of our communities, and it is incumbent upon us to give them an environment that is conducive to the work that they so tirelessly volunteer to do.

It is in this vein that we have made some changes in order to facilitate the continued efforts of our community members and support the ongoing building and uniting of our Monria and Toulan communities, especially in the way of communications.

Effective immediately, the following in-game official channels will be managed by the Virtualsense Development Team:
  • #monria
  • -- this channel is for community chat only with a focus on supporting the needs of the community
  • #monriatrade
  • -- all Monria buying, selling and advertising should be posted in this channel only
  • #toulan
  • -- this channel is for community chat only with a focus on supporting the needs of the community
  • #toulan_trade
  • -- this is a new Toulan trade channel
  • -- we will be working toward navigating everyone trading on Toulan to this trade channel
  • -- all Toulan buying, selling and advertising should be posted in this channel only
  • #virtualsense
  • -- this is a new VS Dev Team chat channel
  • -- this channel is only for interacting with the VS Dev Team
  • -- a place to ask questions and have general conversation
  • -- this channel will also be used for communications during Monria and Toulan events
  • -- any Suggestions/Feedback or Bug Reports should still be posted at the forum and not in the VS Dev Team channel
  • -- all Monria and Toulan community interaction should still take place in their respective channels
Following are the Virtualsense Communication Standards that apply to all of our managed in-game channels, as well as our forum and VS Discord server:
  • all communication should be civil -- differences of opinion should be expressed constructively
  • topics of discussion not allowed in any of our channels include:
  • -- religion, politics, sex or sexual innuendo, drugs, or other world topics that tend to incite or derail discussions
  • profanity is also not allowed in any of our channels, and especially dropping the F-Bomb
  • trolling, rudeness, intimidation or bullying is not allowed in any of our channels
  • personal attacks on community members and/or Virtualsense staff is not allowed in any of our channels
  • please also review Anhithe's statement about communication standards
What we want to achieve is:
  • working chat channels where all game-related questions can be responded to, especially for our new players
  • prevent unnecessary drama that has caused some of our regular interactive community members to shy away from a chat channel
  • we need our community members to be able to be supportive of each other without drama or disruption
As I mentioned, we do things differently as a team. Virtualsense is a business within Entropia Universe and we have established a formula that works for us, as well as our collective communities.

We have proven that our focus on community first has merit, and working in partnership with our community members allows us to learn what will work for them and what will not. We now have the ability to do so much more, and I think we have proven just how hard we are willing to work to elevate the experiences of those who participate and partnership with us in our efforts.

It would be appreciated if those choosing to be a part of our communication mediums would respect the standards we have in place, and contribute toward efforts to evolve and grow our communities to an even greater level of success.

Thank You
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