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First, congratulations on the Toulan apt. :thumbsup

** ALERT **
Please make sure that your status in the game is NOT on Incognito or Invisible because if it is, I can't access your avatar name through the in-game User Registry and wont be able to add you to the Yamato guest list.

You will receive a friend request from the Monria Fleet Manager prior to the next travel schedule, and after you accept it, you will be added to the Yamato guest list and sent an invite to the Yamato chat channel.

Make sure that you have all planets and space downloaded to prevent a disruption during travels. Before you log into the game, click on the "Tools" link at the bottom right of the Client Loader to see what's downloaded and what's not.

ALERT ... make sure that you have read and understand the new changes to the space travel program with regard to having your own transportation to access planets at low orbit. We cannot guarantee a ride down to the planet.

ALSO ... make sure to do your 8 posts in the test thread in order to see our Shoutbox at the forum on the right side just down a bit. This is where we communicate with our Yamato passengers during the travel schedules. This is beneficial in case you have to log out during a warp if you have lootables and will be protected should we be attacked by pirates. You will watch the Shoutbox to learn when it is safe to log back in at your destination.

Be sure to wear your Monrian Born or Toulan Born shirt if it applies when boarding the Yamato for travel so our Flight Manager will recognize you as someone who flies free. Shop and Apt owners are listed as VIPs in our forum passenger list and the Flight Manager knows you fly free.

Here is a link to our Yamato Warp Schedule to familiarize yourself with our route and times of the first and final summons at each of the locations. We do a low orbit drop at planets when requested so you are in the planet's atmosphere and quicker to land on the planet with your own space transportation. There is no landing fee, but if you take a TP from a planet's space station the fee is 7 ped.
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