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At some point on Tuesday (Dec 1st), after the Toulan VU had been implemented and the server was up, a set of Virtualsense Volunteer clothing was placed into the inventory of a few Toulan and Monria community members.

This initiative was something that Ant created on his own and a personal thank you to these individuals who have volunteered and dedicated their time every day in service of their respective communities.

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ShadowDragonV & Malgar

  • Co-Managers of the Virtualsense Community Assistance Team (VCAT) -- Monria Branch
  • both have been dedicated to the Monria community from the first time they set foot on Monria 3+ yrs ago
  • both have been huge supporters of our Monrian Born community and leaders with many of the in-game activities such as the field trips
  • both are members of the Virtualsense Media Support Team and work behind the scenes to help support our media efforts
  • --- this includes support with our quarterly magazine and other media projects
  • Shadow has been dedicated to collecting screenshots of all Monria items and blueprints and posting them with a cross-reference
  • Shadow is now in the midst of collecting screenshots of all Toulan-related items and blueprints for eventual posting at the forum
  • --- she has already posted quite a few
  • Shadow has also worked closely with me on other projects that are beneficial to the communities and continues to do so
  • she is always asking what she can do to help, and makes my life easier with all I have to do
Anny Thundergirl
  • there's so much I could say about Anny and her dedication to Monria and the community but I'll list a few things
  • right from the beginning when she moved to Monria from Arkadia about 4 years ago, she became my full-on media partner
  • --- meaning, she worked with me on media projects from start to finish
  • Anny created the original Monria Shops Inventory Tool and the Interactive Monria Map and Space Map
  • she has worked tirelessly with me on our quarterly magazines up until the Sep issue when RL demanded her time
  • she has dedicated a lot of time to the Monrian Born Program and what would work best to support our Monrian Born
  • Anny took over management of our space travel program on March 17th, 2020 until RL demanded more of her time
  • she was always there when we needed her for anything, and most times, she was proactive and just did things she knew we needed
  • --- much the same as Shadow continues to do
  • we also discovered that Anny is actually a Monrian Born, and way before she joined us on Monria after leaving Arkadia
Avum AL AL
  • Avum is a perfect example of how length of time isn't necessarily a measure of dedication to a community
  • right out the Monrian Born gate he became incredibly engaged with the community
  • during the time he took to learn all he could as fast as he could, he was also a tremendous support to his fellow Monrian Borns
  • he was instrumental in initiating the sweat circles again
  • he would constantly transport new MBs to the DSEC Mining Camp and show them how to sweat
  • he would direct his fellow Monrian Borns to the Monrian Born Program to learn of their MB benefits
  • he trained to become a Yamato Pilot, and now he trains other Yamato Pilots
  • he will be one of the Yamato Pilots doing repair skilling runs when the program is up again
  • he partnered up with Sophia Angel Heart to be able to continue buying loot at her rates at DSEC Forensics when she isn't around
  • after we disbanded our official sweat buying program he created his own so that sweat buying could continue
  • --- he also took on the remaining MBs who were still in their 90-day window selling sweat to me from Sep 1st until it ended Nov 24th
  • he joined the field trips to other planets and helped to transport MBs during the TP runs, but also guided them with beginner missions
  • he was also named the "Monrian Born Ambassador" because of his "daily" dedication to the Monrian Born population
  • he too continues to check in with me to find out if there's anything he can do to help

Harry "Hally" Alliandes -- Stanley "Miles" Stardust -- Little black-kobalt Star

  • prior to the announcement that we were adding Planet Toulan to our virtual family, we reviewed the old Toulan forum
  • what we found was that several members were dedicated to supporting Toulan right from the beginning
  • --- either in forum posts with information and responses to questions, or the in-game Toulan chat channel
  • also prior to the announcement, the Toulan chat channel in-game was observed to see who was being interactive
  • without fail, the above 3 Toulan community members were there to support the needs of the community in one way or another
  • this was an indication that they continued with their dedication to the community to support its needs, even when ...
  • --- the chat channel had a lower level of activity due to a lack of population
  • --- it doesn't mean that there weren't others who supported the community both at the forum and in-game
  • --- their involvement was pretty extensive, and that was a determining factor
  • now that the Toulan chat channel is quite consistently active, there are many more who have stepped up to support the community
  • Hally, Miles and Little Star continue to be dedicated to helping the Toulan community however they can
  • Hally and Miles are the Co-Managers of the Virtualsense Community Assistance Team (VCAT) -- Toulan branch
  • --- Little Star is also a VCAT member, and one of the two Toulanians that I will do a player profile on in the Dec magazine issue
  • I did a player profile on both Hally and Miles in the Virtualsense Quarterly - September 2020 magazine issue
  • --- you can learn more about them from their profiles
  • also, as a result of renewed energy on Toulan after our two VU releases, the community has become more vibrant and active
The common denominator with this first group of recipients of the Virtualsense Volunteer Outfit is "daily and consistent" support. This is not to take away from any other member of either community because there are literally many who have made valuable contributions that benefit the communities overall.

We have an amazing community on Monria that has grown with us over the past 5 years, and it has been nothing short of phenomenal with what we've been able to accomplish together. The Monria recipients chosen by Ant in this first round have gone above and beyond anything expected. We like to allow our community members to make their own choices as to what level they want to become involved, and the Monria recipients full-on jumped in to contribute to a high degree of benefit to the community overall. This was clearly observable and immensely appreciated.

Many members in the Monria community over the past 5 years have contributed very generously, and we are very grateful for the support. We don't want you to feel as though your contributions weren't or aren't valued, or they are "less than" ... because they mean a lot to us, and have benefited members of the community, especially our Monrian Born. We value all of our community members, and will continue to do so.

Ant wanted to do this as his special thank you to certain community members on Monria who have gone above and beyond with their daily and consistent dedication to the community, as well as to a few of the Toulan community members who have been consistent with their community support since Toulan launched. Toulan is now in a growth mode and many more community members have stepped up to be quite supportive and contributing, and it is definitely being observed.

I hope we can all appreciate the dedication of the community members who are the recipients of this first round of the Virtualsense Volunteer Outfit, and look forward to when the next round will happen. This again is something that Ant initiated, and he alone makes the choices based on his observations, so I hope we can give respect to that, and appreciate that he is of the mind to do something like this over time as a personal thank you.

Congratulations to the current recipients of the Virtualsense Volunteer Outfit, and thank you for your dedication to your communities. :thumbsup


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I am very pleased to announce that Ant has chosen a new recipient of the Virtualsense Volunteer Outfit. This reward has not been given out since last year Dec 1st with the first group.

Eleni Von Estlla

Eleni is not an unknown, and has done much for the community as a whole with her guides and info that benefit all. She has done much in the way of showcasing Planet Toulan over the years, and way before Toulan became a part of our virtual family.

Her Guide to CUHOF Instances has helped many, as well as her Accessing Card Instances guide, but she has also played a key role in Toulan's History Summary, as well as other interesting Toulan-related projects. What I appreciate most in her guides and Toulan lore sharing (well, basically anything of significance she does), is that she is so creative with her presentations with graphics and humor that it's not only valued information, but also entertaining and fun.

Eleni has also been very helpful with in-game activities as well, and she is very knowledgeable about Toulan, but she is also very knowledgeable about the game and makes valued contributions in that respect too. She's also a member of the Yamato Crew and helps to manage scheduling and crew activities. Our crew is cross-trained to both Pilot and perform Flight Manager duties. We have an awesome Yamato Crew who help to make our lengthy warp schedules fun and entertaining.

Thank you for all you do Eleni to make things a bit easier for those in need, and for all the crazy fun you give us, not only in the game, but also at the forum with your creativity and humor ... you make information fun. :thumbsup

Entropia 2021-09-16 18-57-26-79.png

She's not wearing the hat intentionally, it messes with her hair, and as she says ... "I look more posh without it." I would have to agree.

The full Virtualsense Volunteer Outfit can be seen in the first post ... front and back.

Eleni Von Estlla

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VCAT Team Member
Toulan Historian
Right, so now im home, im a gonna make a (little) comment, but warning, that is going to be very cheesy...

When DM told me to check my pockets when i'd get home, i thought Nara finally gave up, and gave me a Toulan born shirt, and grant me birth rights.
Guess ill have to try even harder.
Though it took me some time to find it (clothes tab...), it was actually pretty unexpected :S
I didnt really ticked until DM took me to the village, before we go to the Citadelle, (to which we never went) last evening, and made it official.

Thats when i clicked and thought, "Who would a thought i'd be here today, with the officials, when i first landed?"
And started looming all the pretty nice little memories that happened in that very village over the years. Made me pretty emotional.

First "wow".
When i landed and met my first Qaffaz at the Citadelle. These guys are a real light show in themselves, and the palette of colours that animate them is just a nice feeling overall. And i hope you guys feel the same, because i still get those vibrations today.

First Group.
As probably the fifth person landing on the Planet, Miles got to me pretty quickly, and asked me, as a favor, to join his society to make it validated inside the game.
Of course i accepted, and i sure was in to stay :)

First Mentor.
While the social side on both Arkadia and Calypso put me off pretty quickly, i met the first real "human" person in here.
Finally someone who cared, ready to take time to share, and wasnt expecting anything in return.
Kind of a big of a deal for what made me after that.

First Friend.
While people add you all the time, you sometime meet exceptional people.
While i first, like pretty much everytime i meet someone new, had very off feelings about him, we just became unseparable.
Happened in this very village, and he sure made and pulled me where i am now.
Always ready to help, and would never even dare to ask a thing in return.
Love you <3

First HoF.
Same day i met my best friend.
In fact, he said he would teach me how to mine, so i could get those bloody stones and start making stuffs.
Like always, i was skeptical, and stubbornly untrusty.
He gave me two amps, and told me off you go.
Didnt work, i got very upset, thought it was one of these other scam like on Arkadia.
Last click was the one. 300+ PED Maro.
Unbelievable for a noob like me :)
Of course it all went to the TT, since Maro was litterally useless at the time.

First PvP.
Very likely discovered the pain of being a noob.
To add that i really tried hard to fight back, they even removed their armor and stayed static offering (teasing*) me "Try now?"
Nope, i was definitely not up for it.
Though that sure helped me and motivated me into working harder :)

First Party.
While it was out of question i would leave the Planet, my best friend, again, told me he was hosting a party on Monria.
Of course i said NO. People, urgh....
He knew me and just said it was okay, but he could even come pick me up.
Im stubborn, so NO was NO, but i went at the next one, Valentines event, and we know the rest :)

First Discovery.
Bahri figure. Exceptionally beautiful, and most unexpected.
Simply doing the Iron challenge, who would a known?
That led to lore digging and stuffs, but that post is getting long enough :)

First Event.
Khaffash Mohajem, the Village invasion.
Pretty cool if i bet honest.
I was about Lv20, so the struggle was real, but seeing so many people at once was a very nice feeling.
That was a one time lived moment, but that was nice :)

First sense of Achievement.
In the way of being useful, finally, when i thought about and did the damage type test.
Since at my level it was complicated to contribute to anything, i finally managed to find a way to give that little back.
Miles loved it, that was enough of a reward already, since i always thought, if it helps at least one person, thats a win :)
Miles updated the Toulan Wikia, Jetman Entropedia, and the rest is History.

First Tourist.
This one is funny, dont be upset, but its the truth :D
When BK first arrived, i was actually pretty mad at him.
He was just stealing all the globals, no matter what mob nor what i tryied.
How can a bloody tourist just land and do that??
I was pretty mad, like, just leave already >.<
But time went, BK stayed, so thats okay, and he earned the right not to be a tourist anymore.
And im laughting about it right now.

First time leaving the game.
Because it has also been tough, really tough.
Silence from the team, Shrapnels and oils only, nothing to do with your loots, and months become years.
I think we all felt that painful feeling, and i know even Miles stepped away from the planet, for the very first time.
But while i think there was no appeal in killing dinosaures or shapeless "things", i just closed the door.

First time seeing people.
That came in the most recent events.
I came back, and wasnt very up nor in the mood for playing the game.
Usually Toulan was that "Dead Rock" 90% players never bothered visiting.
But i discovered how things turned out, What had been done, and wow, life on Toulan??
Pretty unbelievable.
And dont tell me an Irish was behind it all. Cherry on top!

So, all this tartine to say that it actually means a lot to me, more than an official pair of trousers.

I warned you it would be cheesy.
So all this came back, and there is little i can say, but THANK YOU <3

Thanks for everyone who cares, and thanks for making this little Planet a much better place to live, and those who spend a lot of time working on the forum, and in the background.

And yes Ant, when i saw the outfit, i smiled.

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Very Cheesy indeed... I think you're trying to bring a tear to the eye there ☺
I think I remember the first event.... Did you happen to invite a few friends from Monria to it? I think it was my first visit to Toulan, and I saw really big Duhols. It was so much fun. I fell in love with the place instantly.
Big love to you for all you do in game and on the forum and for all the knowledge you share with us and all the smiles you give us.

Eleni Von Estlla

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VCAT Team Member
Toulan Historian
Ya, tissues away.
I did indeed come with Bug to Valentines day, right after the event, he took me to Cyrene to babysit me through the aidkit quest. Bug being Bug.
Duhols scared me for years actually, but what is not to love with the place? ☺

Thank you for all you have done, and all that is to come <3

From here, its litterally a dream come true.


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I warned you it would be cheesy.
So all this came back, and there is little i can say, but THANK YOU <3

Thanks for everyone who cares, and thanks for making this little Planet a much better place to live, and those who spend a lot of time working on the forum, and in the background.

And yes Ant, when i saw the outfit, i smiled.

I adore the history and recollections in this reply. Congrats and well deserved @Eleni Von Estlla, you've taught me so much about #toulan, even if just by me stumbling on all your old lore posts 📚
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