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Spawn of Azathoth
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Today there was a Patch to the 21.4 release with the following fixes/adjustments:
  • Fixed issue with new vehicle not working on Toulan
  • Adjusted Khaffash spawning behavior at the Narian Temple
  • Added Turret to and widened event area
  • Added more discoveries to item descriptions
  • Fixed quest dialogue typos
  • Fixed missing Mission Terminals at outposts
  • Fixed Hitbox on Lotus Invaders
  • Tweaked attack behavior of Lotus Invaders
  • Fixed missing Crackers for Christmas quest from Juvenile mobs
  • Added name ‘Khalil’ to Wood Cutters Helper quest NPC
  • Added waypoints for Otis Plushie Quest and changed name from Interactive
  • Fixed mission reward description for Wood Cutters Helper mission at event island
  • Tweaked Lotus Instances (changed minimum to 1 in team)
  • --- same as CUHOF instances, must leave team to be able to loot mobs inside the instance when alone

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Team Lotus Instances : "You cannot loot any killed creature when alone in a team".

I wanted to test the team instance. When you kill a mob, it remains and this error message appears.
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Fixed missing Crackers for Christmas quest from Juvenile mobs
I did a quick 25 kills on Dahhar Juvenile Young outside of GV and did not get a cracker drop. I know it's a tiny sample, but Tabtab low maturity (including youngs) is about a 30%+ drop rate for me. Are those creatures still excluded from crackers, being Juvenile Young?
Edit: Crackers do drop from Juvenile Young.

Also, today I am lagging terribly around the Citadel TP. Rubberbanding every few steps. Maybe that will fix itself :)

Thanks Team VS!
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A little more on the Citadel area acting strange today... In addition to the rubber banding reported earlier, when I press "T" I am placed under/inside the structure (below the revive terminal), not trapped. I am also encountering this when I log in, I am actually being moved from the loc that I log out at, and placed under the revive terminal again. The first 2 screens attached were taken at login, the 3rd after "T".


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Yeeey! I've got my Sleigh! I was dreaming about air veh small like Kraka and fast like Quad and i've got this and it can be fueled by nawa and save my oil for space flights! It's so small i can even land it on tiny NPC bridge and have no problem while exiting cuz it's enough space.
It's seems like a trifle but when u speedruning dungeons on pills every second matter.
It's also got some defense and guest space so it could be very useful during evolved supreme hunts on nearby event!
Hope u all guys bring your friends and we'll have even more fun now with this cool items and christmas vibe!
Thanks team VE a lot!


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