VU issues, compiled


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Hey just wanted to share a list of issues as i see them as a player, everyone please pitch in, this is for vs crew to make sure they see and hear what we experience, not a complain post !

all is how i percieve it, could be wrong :p

Codex dosnt work for the new mobs on dsec9, not when you get to monria either, its simply not counting

the buff dosnt give extra skills, in fact it blocks skills so we get no gains at all while active

the 2 carry rewards suit and spine dosnt stack the carry capasity and you need to take on spine first to get full capasity from that and then suit dosnt affect ie only 20 in all not 20+15

sometimes in the dynamic events the event restarts right after, other times the boss dosnt show at all, not just the small delay but for 40+ mins after and wave runs out

loot, the loot is very generic and the skins seems to not be dropping, together with any new stuff that might have been there ?

no vehicles in caves, this is where the carpet could have shined, wast distances to run

with love Hally :)


Great compiled list Hally! This update is huge, gz to the team for the succesfull launch! This was a massive amount of work.

I think you have them all. A couple of minor things I can think of is the amount of shrapnel in loot is pretty low and could be higher IMO. I don't think this counts as a bug but for serious grinders more shrapnel would be nice.

The altar in the middle of the piramid is interactable but doesn't work; A blank screen opens where you can click "ok" and that's it.

I think I saw DME say that the wave timers will be looked into, that would be great.


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Spines removes coat, maybe not a bug, but a thing id wish was different


At coordinates 38851, 21108, 130 there is a hole in the ground that brings you to a level under the floor.

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