Wahesh Hatchling


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Wahesh Hatchling
Wahesh Hatchling.png
Wahesh Hatchling -- L2

General Information

  • Tamable -- No
  • Sweatable -- No
  • Minimum Global Level -- 5 PED
  • Defensive Skill -- Evade
  • Scanning Skill -- Animal Scan Skill

Damage Type
  • Acid​
  • Electric​

  • /wp [DSEC9, 33705, 22805, 99, Waypoint]​

Please note: List may be incomplete, adding more as known.
  • Animal Muscle Oil
  • Shrapnel
  • Basic Leather Extractor
  • Animal Oil Residue
  • Wahesh Tooth
  • Wahesh Hide
  • Animal Hide
  • Socket 1 Component
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Felix Kiste

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  • Minimum Global Level -- 50 PED

Ah okay. Don't know why it starts at 50 Ped. May be kind of boring to hunt a lvl 2 mob without low global possibility, especially for starters.


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I updated the global threshold to 5 PED which was changed in the last VU, and I also added the damage types according to Ant which he said that he had changed rather than having the same thing as their counterpart on Toulan ... just don't have the percentages yet. The model size of the L2 Wahesh at Elara was also slightly increased with the last VU.
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