This rare, immense lake monster is a creature of legends. Many villagers and travelers believe him to be a myth, and those who set out to find him quickly find themselves on a dangerous journey. Known to be directly linked to Nawa sources beneath Al Hawa Lake. The Wahesh emits Nawa energy in sparks, making him highly sought-after by the Nawa-obsessed.

Young - L18, 52, 28, 80, 130, 66
Mature - L22, 52, 28, 80, 164, 66
Old - L25, 52 28 85 181 68 (thanks to firejuggler)
Provider - L28, 52, 28, 85, 203, 68
Guardian - L31, 54, 28, 87, 229, 70 (thanks to Jess von Hagen)
Dominant - L35, 54, 28, 89, 254, 71
Alpha - L39, 54, 28, 92, 283, 73
Old Alpha - L42, 50, 28, 95, 303, 77
Prowler - L51, 50, 28, 97, 337, 81
Stalker - L52, 50, 28, 99, 399, 85

Considering its attack animation and up to 50 dmg through a Jarhead+5B, his "Nawa energy sparks" are probably Acid.

As afroman pointed out, to prevent the creature from getting unreachable you need to swim under its belly.
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Did someone find higher maturities of this creature - for example: Old Alpha, Prowler, Stalker?

That would be nice :)


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Woot, before reading the text I tought you are sugesting mob and the screenshot is from a movie.
And I was thinking, damn, this will be hard to be implemented in cryengine.
And then I see Young, Mature, Provider and I realise it is mob on Toulan.
Cool mob to hunt for sure.

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Did someone find higher maturities of this creature - for example: Old Alpha, Prowler, Stalker?

That would be nice :)
It would be very nice, would definitely be a superb Team Mob.
I've only found Provider a couple of times, seems to spawn after x killed young-olds.
But yeah it makes you rethink that there should be a spawn with highest maturity somewhere.


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My favorite mob on Toulan so far (except for Tabtabs). Looted a nice global for our team and seems like they could get better with a bit of work on underwater lighting and the unreachable thing.


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If you swim backwards along the BOTTOM of the ocean it will allow the fish to get above you so it doesn't go "unreachable".


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Dominant lvl 35 54 28 89 254 71

Alpha lvl 39 54 28 92 283 73

Old Alpha lvl 42 50 28 95 303 77

Prowler lvl 51 50 28 97 337 81

Stalker lvl 52 50 28 99 399 85


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thanks Jess... it seems that low maturities have disapeared.... or do not spawn where they were. the usual spot have dominant at minimum .


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i think they are testing out the maturities now tbh and will change again to be more balanced next vu

one silly question, is wahesh sweatable? my um, cousin wanted to know..
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