Walking with the Sabad (no gadget) for DECII Qaz Worm

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Well, here it goes. After exhausting myself with other tools and properly spaced carpet bombs, I finally decided to just listen and use the Sabad Finder however distasteful it seemed at the time. Even the Rookie finder did not produce Toulan enmatter as well as expected. While suffering from my classic "Mining Headache", placed myself in 'walk-mode' with 10 Sabad in my bag. Clearly the drops will overlap, and drops will be wasted right? well, I'm all in at this point. Set the Sabad on auto, put one foot in front of the other, and ignore what you think you know about mining.

Qaz Worm -Sabad
[Planet Toulan, 132004, 90772, 106, Waypoint]
[Planet Toulan, 131901, 90760, 106, Waypoint]
[Planet Toulan, 131752, 90822, 108, Waypoint]
[Planet Toulan, 131745, 90837, 109, Waypoint]
[Planet Toulan, 131722, 90850, 109, Waypoint]
[Planet Toulan, 131666, 90812, 108, Waypoint]
[Planet Toulan, 131651, 90735, 108, Waypoint]
[Planet Toulan, 131641, 90735, 108, Waypoint]
[Planet Toulan, 131340, 90680, 112, Waypoint]
[Planet Toulan, 131326, 90747, 111, Waypoint]
[Planet Toulan, 131231, 90813, 108, Waypoint]
The thing that really stood out to me was how close together they are..............
had to go back for one more... [Planet Toulan, 131663, 90808, 108, Waypoint]
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