What is the daily reward for tab tab?


Started doing the tab tab daily mission yesterday to tame 100. I didn't pay attention to stats when I went back to the npc at the stable. No reward window came up if I remember, but I may have been not paying attention due to drinking too much egg nog and other goodies... When you end the 100 taming mission daily what is the reward it is handing your avatar, or is there one? I suspect there is probably something, but it's not real apparent what you are getting for doing the mission in the game unless I'm missing something.

I did think I saw a green skill swirl at end but am not sure how much actual skill gain there was or whatnot.
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Its a fixed tt value of skills as if you used a skill chip, it should show in your system tab how much it is, i dont have the number myself


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I believe the crafting mission skills given is .6 ped so, id say it safe to say maybe its around .6 ped ill update this when i finish the quest again

*so, the taming quest offer actually really low reward compared to the time need to put in it in comparison to the other dailies. I received .05-.06ped. Now obviously if youre lvling taming as it is any bonus reward is still a bonus.*
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