Woohoo!!!!! Number 2!!!!

Heidi Stassinopolis

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I feel very lucky to have won an apartment this weekend and I want to post a big thank you to DME and ANT and Anny and everyone else who made a really terrifying weekend totally worth it.

I've always wanted to do a BIG mining run and spent two weeks selling everything not bolted down from my storage and then deppositing to make it up to a scary amount.

I loved the radio, some amzing tunes from my youth and when this came on in the last hour of the event it pretty much summed up the weekend for me.

Specially the line in it:

"Stone cold sober and stone cold sweat
Running down the back of my neck
To lose means trouble, to win pays double
And I got me a heavy bet"

The last hour I was desperate to get that HOF and when I heard this on the radio I just started double bombing the last of my D class amps without even looking at the results.

I'm still working out the carnage but with the apartment and the giveaway prizes I didn't even realise I'd won until I saw somebody in chat say "Heidi is banned" lol I think I broke even. Just.

Thanks for another wonderful weekend.

Can't wait to try it again. :grin:adorable:so cool:babycthulhu:mnmdance:mnmdance:mnmdance

Maybe I'll try for 100 globals next time :)


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AWESOME HEIDI ... I saw where it said you're banned, and I think it might have been Sith, not sure ... it was funny, but look at you just persevering your way to the #2 total globals/hofs (76) spot at our weekend event. :wavinghands

Your rewards are always well-deserved. :purpleheart
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