Yamato Repair Runs Expanded to Include Toulan


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I am happy to announce that Yamato Repair Runs will now expand to include Toulan so that both of our communities have an opportunity to do more skilling.

Derik LaPierre is our Yamato Lead Pilot and manages both this program, and the newly created Space Hunting Program. He will be posting the details of how this is all going to work, and how you can get involved with participating in these programs

The Yamato Crew is ready to bring more activities to Monria and Toulan.

Derik LaPierre -- Lead Pilot -- Manages both the Repair Run Program and Space Hunting Program
Avum -- Pilot and can fill in as Flight Manager if needed
Leent -- Pilot and Lead Flight Manager
Eleni -- Pilot and Flight Manager

They are a well organized crew and work great together for the benefit of our Monria and Toulan communities.

They are much more than a Yamato Crew. :purpleheart

Derik LaPierre

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Plans for Expansion:
There are a couple plans for expanding the Yamato Repair Run program.
  • Scheduled Runs can now start at Monria for picking up people at the West Sector of the EU Star System and then can warp to Toulan for pick up at the East Sector. This should make it easier for people playing in the East Sector (Toulan and NI) to make it for Repair runs without disrupting their game play. We can then do the runs at a TG out of Toulan. All participants must still follow standard signup procedure.
    • There will be NO SUMMONS at Toulan. You must meet the Yamato at the SS.
    • NO LOOTABLES will be permitted on the Yamato during repair runs.
    • All passengers embarking at Toulan MUST disembark at Toulan once repairs are finished. No free extra warps to Monria.
    • All passengers embarking at Monria may NOT disembark at Toulan, and can only disembark once we return to Toulan. No free extra warps to Toulan.
  • Pick UP Group (PUG) Runs: Yamato Crew will have the ability to form a "Pick Up Group" for random, "on the spot" repair runs as desired by qualified pilots if there is interest/requests by enough players on Monria and/or Toulan. The same rules apply for these runs.
    • NOTE: There will be no advanced announcements or warning that a "PUG run" will occur. This is due to the nature of PUGing. Therefore if anyone wants to participate in a PUG run, they must already be on the guest list and if they are not, we CANNOT add them for that PUG run. Please ensure that your status on the guest list is valid before hand and have all preparations to be able to jump into a PUG run completed in advance. This is the individual players responsibility, and their responsibility alone.
    • If the PUG run is initiated by a Yamato Crew pilot, there will be no compensation for the cost of the warp decay demanded if warps are used to gather repair crew.
    • If the PUG run is requested by a player, it is expected that the cost of warp decay*MU will be paid to the pilot. PUG warps cost PED and Pilots cannot afford to eat the cost of warps for repair runs requested by players. Compensation will be at cost ONLY. Pilots cannot accept or request tips as we are NOT for profit.
  • Gunnery Practice and Spacecraft Carrier Support for Quad based space hunts are being planned. Due to security concerns, entry into these programs will unfortunately have per-requisites and qualification to apply.
    • Public announcements for Gunnery and Hunting support will not occur, and will have to be arranged via private methods with the crew/DME. Piracy sucks, not much more can be said.
    • In order to qualify, players must be regular and trusted users of Yamato services and will likely be drawn from the pool of players participating in repair runs, and be trusted by other players participating in the Gunnery/Hunts. DME always has final say for any vetos or overrides of this policy.
    • More information about these runs will be given and expanded in detail in the appropriate threads once we build up a large enough interested and qualified client base.
I hope that this will better help expand and serve everyone in the community. Please be advised that any violations of policy will be reported to DME, who can and will take whatever actions she deems fit.


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Nice write-up Derik ... it will be interesting to watch this play out over time. I'm hoping this, as well as the newly created Space Hunting Program will bring more activities to both Monria and Toulan.

Just to be more specific ... "Please be advised that any violations of policy will be reported to DME, who can and will take whatever actions she deems fit." ... means that someone not adhering to the rules will risk losing their Yamato guest list privilege. We want to provide more activities and more ways to gain skills, and anyone who takes advantage of that in a negative way won't be tolerated.

Our Yamato Crew has their own set crew policies to follow, and they will work toward providing fun times to those who wish to participate in the expansion of the repair runs, as well as the new space hunting program.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in this thread, and either Derik or I will respond, but Derik will manage both of these programs, and the Yamato Crew and I have worked out what is approved and not approved. We trust Derik and the crew's judgment to provide more fun activities for both Monria and Toulan.

Thank You :)


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I am very happy to read this! its a far cry from the days I would take the Yamato out randomly to skill a few folks just because there were enough ppl. Good job!

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