Yamato Repair Skilling | General Guidelines

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During the course of a repair skilling run, there are general guidelines to keep in mind that would be helpful in facilitating a smooth session. The YRSP Pilots are there to guide you through each session and what would work best, so it's of importance to be mindful of their direction please.


  • be sure to remove your loot from the Materials and Mined Resources tabs in your inventory
  • -----> TT your loot, or place in your storage on Monria and/or Toulan before a repair skilling run
  • -----> there is a Trade Terminal on the Yamato if you need to use it
  • you can access the Yamato from Monria using the following steps, and there's no fee
  • -----> use any TP on Monria to go to the Monria Space Station (SS)
  • ---------> there is a drop down menu at the top right of the TP map
  • -----> use the Space Station TP (up the steps in the globe) to teleport to the Yamato
  • say hello to your fellow repair skillers and crew, and maintain mutual respect at all times
  • keep the Yamato chat channel active, and follow the direction of the Pilot assigned to the repair run
  • --- a Yamato Pilot may direct you to use the Force chat channel which is internal ship area only
  • only enter Co-Pilot or Gunner Seat when Pilot has given permission to do so
  • be sure not to block other people repairing, especially at the downstairs Hangar panel that is small
  • if you must go AFK, it's best to do it at the Propulsion or Hangar panels, and not the Command Center
  • if you do go AFK, please inform the Pilot when leaving, and again upon your return
  • inform the Pilot if you are leaving a repair station to go to another, and from where to where
  • -----> For example ... HH>RR
  • please do not leave the ship during a repair skilling run unless you have to go back to the SS
  • inform the Pilot if you are leaving the ship through the portal so you don't end up in a mob mess
  • when the Pilot asks the crew to report in, use this response please --> @CC, @RR, @PP, @HH
  • -----> the abbreviated codes are listed below for reference
  • keep the game in Window Mode so that the autotool keeps going
  • -----> using Alt + Tab in full screen will cause your repair tool to pause
  • at the end of a repair skilling run, please depart the ship, especially if there is a travel schedule
  • -----> if you are traveling with us and are not eligible for the free travel program, there will be a fee
  • -----> as a paying customer, the fee is 6 ped during our free travel program schedule
  • -----> Pilots have access to a list that identifies all passengers as free travel or paying customer
Please be considerate and mindful of these guidelines to help make each session fun.

Thank you.



MS = Mothership
SS = Space Station
RR = Reactor
PP = Propulsion
CC = Command Center
HH = Hangar
GS = Gunner Seat
TG = Training Ground
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