Yamato Repair Skilling Runs Beginning Soon


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The Yamato Crew Pilots have been trained and have also been doing some practice repair runs, so they are ready to set up their own individual schedules here to alert when each will be doing repair runs from the Monria Space Station, so be sure to check in frequently because I believe the repair runs will be often.

  • because we are different with our warp schedules to keep free and paid travel separate, all Yamato passengers must sign up to be added to the guest list
  • --- you can sign up here following the instructions in the first post -- be sure to give your full in-game name
  • --- if you are Monrian or Toulan Born, or own a shop, booth or apt on either Monria or Toulan, you are eligible for the free space travel benefit
  • --- if not, then you are considered a paying customer
  • --- however, since there are no warps during a repair run, there is no fee, but if you fly with us in the future, the fee will be 6 ped
  • if you are not currently on the Yamato guest list and want to do repair runs, please sign up as soon as possible so you don't miss out
  • --- and please don't wait until the last minute to do so because I may not be available to add you to the guest list right before a repair run
  • here is a link to our Yamato Warp Schedules on Fridays and Sundays only just for future reference
  • you are responsible for bringing your own repair kit comprised of an RK-0 or RK-25, as well as at least 50k Welding Wire to last 3 hrs or more
  • there will be repair kits available for sale aboard the Yamato if needed, but you can also check the Monria Shops Inventory Tool for what's available
  • please take the time to review the Yamato Repair Skilling General Guidelines so that you are familiar with how the repair runs are conducted
  • every repair run crew on all ships have their own protocols, and this is what we have had in place for a long time
  • it's been a while since we've done repair runs, but we now have an active and enthusiastic Yamato Crew to start this program up again
We have a crazy Yamato crew, so it should be a fun adventure with them. I will have the Monria Fleet Manager (MFM) on board skilling at times as well.

Happy Skilling !!
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