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    bug found at cave 4 TP

    maybe it was fap decay i don't know or could of been lag during event cause i did a few where i didnt use any fap or armor just to check and still got some :confused
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    bug found at cave 4 TP

    while i was hunting in cave 4 tp area or more like dieing in cave 4 tp :laugh i found my first bug it seems if you lure the shubs in cave 4 into the water you get a few pec in shrapnel
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    MINI SAGE II! Swunt And Giveaway Extravaganza Monria 2nd April 2021

    Would love to join in again loved the last one you did :) same name as my account here :D just looked at the time i might be cutting it close that day but will already be on monria
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    MINI SAGE 1! Swunt And Giveaway Extravaganza 5th February 2021 Toulan

    Cool looking forward to this event sign me up Anthony Gray Stark :cool
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    Happy Holidays from the Virtualsense Team

    Merry Christmas everyone:toast i been out so long i missed a lot this year:pullingmyhairout hopefully i can get back to logging in more:cool
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    Monria Event | The "Crawling Chaos" Steps Out of the Shadows

    Well i missed this event with this Corona going around I'm home all day every day and the days just meshed together before i knew it it was Sunday night :snapoutofit on another note Gratz to all the winners :toast
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    Monria Event | The "Crawling Chaos" Steps Out of the Shadows

    I'm gonna go with 317 :toast Don't worry i won't tell anyone where i got the insider info :secret :wink :laughing2
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    Monria | 2020 St Patrick's Day Event | Yog-Sothoth has the Necronomicon

    Hey guys still busy in RL away from home but got a laptop i just installed the game on yesterday to at least join in on St Patty's Day :cool not as good as my box and trying to get everything working right is a hassle :hammercomputer but I'll at least be able to hunt and hang out :toast my...
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    Happy Birthday | " Ant "

    Happy B-Day Ant :toastwe put a banner on the yama so everyone can see lol:happybirthday
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    Monria | 2018 Halloween Event | Just Your Usual Suspects

    SK how could you do this too me knowing my luck i would just miss the number and you would be closer :eek: LMAO
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