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    Monria Event | The "Crawling Chaos" Steps Out of the Shadows

    Well i missed this event with this Corona going around I'm home all day every day and the days just meshed together before i knew it it was Sunday night :snapoutofit on another note Gratz to all the winners :toast
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    Monria Event | The "Crawling Chaos" Steps Out of the Shadows

    I'm gonna go with 317 :toast Don't worry i won't tell anyone where i got the insider info :secret :wink :laughing2
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    Monria | 2020 St Patrick's Day Event | Yog-Sothoth has the Necronomicon

    Hey guys still busy in RL away from home but got a laptop i just installed the game on yesterday to at least join in on St Patty's Day :cool not as good as my box and trying to get everything working right is a hassle :hammercomputer but I'll at least be able to hunt and hang out :toast my...
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    Happy Birthday | " Ant "

    Happy B-Day Ant :toastwe put a banner on the yama so everyone can see lol:happybirthday
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    Monria | 2018 Halloween Event | Just Your Usual Suspects

    SK how could you do this too me knowing my luck i would just miss the number and you would be closer :eek: LMAO
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    Happy Belated Birthday | " SideKick "

    Happy Belated Birthday Sidekick hope it was full of luck & fun and hope you at least got a HOF or two :wink
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    Monria Beacon Team

    2 months gives me plenty of time to make sure I'm ready just one thing can you post what time that is in EU time cant remember exactly what time that translates to here :duh
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